Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tina's Favorite Things: Kitchenwares

For a really long time, my friend Sarah told me about these awesome pancakes she made. I knew I had to have these pancakes. I finally did during my Memorial Day Beach Weekend in the OBX. Sarah was right, these pancakes were amazing.

Sarah also, for my birthday, bought me a cast iron skillet, so I could make the pancakes myself. I have come to LOVE this skillet, seriously, I have no idea how I lived my life without it.
Cajun Cookware Cast Iron Skillet W/ Handle Round - 10 Inch
The mine looks like this, no lip makes for an easier surface to cook on. Though, I do plan on purchasing one with a lip for easier boiling and broiling.

Also for my birthday my parents bought me every little girls dream... that's right, a kitchenaid standing mixer.

Kitchen Aid KSM150PSWH Artisan Series Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield
Isn't it pretty? I still haven't used it as it's soooo ridiculously hot in DC right now, nothing on earth makes me want to turn on my oven. Originally I was kinda sad that they didn't get me one that was a color, but now I like my white one. White goes with everything...

Finally, when I went home for my cousin's wedding, I managed to snag something from my mother's kitchen. My mom has long had 2 sets of cookware, a stainless steel set, and an enamel cast iron set. It was long ago decided (by the fates) that my little sister was to have the nicer, cast iron set. However, my little sister is in college right now. She has no need for enamel cast iron cookware... I on the other hand...

Yep, I stole her cookware. Well, I didn't really "steal" it, as she allowed me to take it.
Dune Essential Cookware Set (5-pc.) by Le Creuset

This is kind of the same thing I have, just a different color. Now that I have this cookware, I can't believe I ever cooked on pans I bought at Target.

Although I love my new kitchen items, I feel like I've started myself on a downward spiral. Did you know that there are accessories for stand mixers? Things like, meat grinders, and ravioli makers, and ice cream makers, the list goes on and on. And I promise you, not one of those items is "cheap".
I suppose if this is my addiction it is one I could live with. I hope you all feel inspired to head to the kitchen this evening.

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