Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Page, New Business

Hey Everyone, so as you can see there have been some changes around here!

WWW.LOVETINAMARIE.ORG is now my business website.

My blog can now be found at WWW.LOVETINAMARIE.BLOGSPOT.COM

Everyone remember to add me to your google readers at my new address, and to become a follower of my blog again!

Sorry for the disruption, but I think it will be for the best!

Love, Tina Marie

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to Crafting

This post isn't really accurately titled. I have been crafting up a storm, I've just been super bad about posting tutorials on my crafts. This one is sort of simple, but lot's of fun.

I recently decided that I needed my dining room table back. I previously had done away with it, in favor of having a desk instead. I have now decided my table can serve as a desk, a sewing station, and a dining room table, all with a larger workspace. I needed something fabulous to hang over my dining room table. Enter new craft project.

Once upon a time I wanted a coffee table that was a door. Yep, you heard me right.
This is a bad picture, but you get the gist. It's a wooden door that's been sawed in half. I attached legs, and bada-bing, coffee table.

Again, sorry for the crappy picture. 

But then I was left with what on earth to do with the rest of the door. It lived, unused, under my bed for awhile. Finally, I figured it out. When people come over, I always want to make cute little tags for the food I prepare. I never get around to it though, so I am left answering questions about ingredients, etc. while I never tire of talking about food, I knew that there had to be an easier way to do things. Voila! An idea was born. I transformed the rest of the table into...

A chalkboard!

I painted just the indented part of the door, so there is still a white border. I hung it over my dining room table. Now I can write down the menu on my chalkboard instead of making labels. I absolutely love it. 
Also, chalkboard paint is super cheap. I only needed one coat of paint, it's about $8 for a quarter gallon. I only used about 1/4 of the can (so if you live in the area and want to chalkboard something, let me know, I have extra paint). I think chalkboards work really well in kitchens and kid's rooms. Also, now you can tint your paint for an extra $4. There are something like 10 colors to choose from, so your chalkboard can match your decor! 

Happy chalkboarding! 

Love, Tina Marie

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Very Lovely Baby Shower

I just realized that I've posted 5 times in the past 3 months. I promise to start posting again. I feel like I've been living a crazy buys life lately. I literally don't have a free Saturday until May... the END of May. I really can't complain though. Most of the stuff I am doing is either fun stuff, or stuff that pays well.

That being said just a few weeks ago was Annie's Baby Shower. I was a co-hostess, along with her Aunt Susan. Susan's house is much bigger than mine, so we had the party there. It was as rocking of a good time as can be had when your guest of honor is more than 8 months pregnant.

Our friend Holly was kind enough to bring her fancy camera and take lots of pictures. I thought I would share a few.

This is Susan's living room. She set up lots of yummy finger foods. 

Susan also had a champagne toast for the guest of honor! 
I love the strawberries, I think they add a nice touch of color. 

Of course, no party I co-hostess would be complete without a few crafts and homemade items.
The first I want to share are pinwheels. I made a few of these to decorate with, and I also made individual pinwheel drink stirrers for everyone at the party. I'll have a simple tutorial on these soon.

We laid out all the pinwheels near the food. I think they were a big hit.

Sarah and Tamsin playing with their pinwheels.

I also made small favors for all the guests. I sewed quick mini bags out of fabric I had on hand. I filled each bag with jordan almonds, that Susan was nice enough to pick up, and tied each bag with a white ribbon.
We put the favors in a basket lined with tissue paper, and sat them in the front entryway.

I was in charge of games. I had a few classics, but I decided I would be in charge of games AND activities. 
I absolutely loved THIS tutorial from kojodesigns. Since I couldn't make a and entire booth, I decided to decorate a frame. I also had a bucket filled with props. It was a big hit.
I think I'll have it at all my parties from now on. 

Annie and Frank, the mother and father to-be, took a picture before Frank was banished from the premises.

We had another mommy-to-be at our party. I got a picture of both of their bumps in the frame.

During present opening time Annie opened my gift. It was a handmade baby mat. I use lots of fabrics I had on hand, and the inside is lined with fleece. I tried to make it as ungirly as possible as we don't know if Baby Webb is a boy or a girl. 

Finally, I had a new take on the classic "Write down advice/well wishes for the mommy-to-be". Instead of just getting note cards for people to write on, I decorated the front of plain white cards with the alphabet. Every letter got it's own card. I encouraged people to write well wishes and advice on the back of the cards. When Baby Webb is older s/he can use the cards as alphabet flashcards.

As closer look at my artistic skillz. Yeah, that's skillz, with a Z. I will say, it is ridiculously difficult to figure out a drawable item for every letter of the alphabet. I may have a tutorial on this one later too.

Whew! That's it!. Do you have any great party ideas that I didn't think of? I'm co-hostessing a bridal shower next month, so I'm open to lots of new things!

Love, Tina Marie

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reflecting --- it's a Jesus-y One.

It's no secret that I'm Catholic. I think I've made it fairly well known.
That said, this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Lent is a time of reflection. We sacrifice something, just like Jesus sacrificed himself for us. Last year I gave up using gChat on my blackberry.
It might have been the most difficult thing I have ever given up during Lent, including the time I gave up meat for a whole 40 days. Most people give something up, like candy, or fried food. However, it is also completely acceptable to give something during Lent. A few years ago, for Lent, I decided to make my way back to Church. Even though I've always been Catholic, my church going was sparse to say the least, But ever since that Lent I've made mass a weekly ritual. This year, once again, I've decided to give something, rather than give something up. So, starting next week, every week until Easter, I am going to make a second trip to church. During this trip I'm going to say a rosary. I have always felt a special bond to the Blessed Mother, and I feel like it's time for me to acknowledge that. I know the Catholic views of the Virgin Mary are different from a lot of other religions. If you want to know more you can always do research in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It's basically a manual for what we believe and why.

Is anyone else giving up, or giving something for Lent?

Love, Tina Marie