Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Independence Day Camping

A few of you know that I went camping over Independence Day. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post the pictures, but better late than never!
Also a thanks to Jeremy for actually taking the pictures. I conveniently left my camera at home.

This was our tent set up. We booked 3 camp sites so that we could be isolated. It worked out great as we had 4 tents!

Tamsin and I snacking after the successful contruction of our tent.

Sunset thru the overhead trees. These trees were a God send of shade.

Our death hike. 3 miles down the mountain, no big deal. 3 miles back up, I wanted to hit the easy button.

At the bottom of our hike was a swimming hole! The water was freezing!

Isn't this view beautiful?


Our set up. Notice the bear box we put our food in. It was supposed to be enough for 3 sites worth of campers. We used every inch of it, and still had to store some things in our car.

This bunny got very brave and wandered closer and closer into our camp.
We named him Sir Hops-A-Lot.

Bye, Bye camp site!

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