Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Update

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but my computer finally completely died. This means that updates will be few and far between until I get a new laptop. As I am very very poor right now, who knows when this will actually happen.

However, Annie wrote me an email yesterday. She said i had failed at blogging, and was a bad blogger. She also called me a whole bunch of names not suitable for use on this site.
I told her my predicament, only she would hear none of it. She demanded I go to her house, in the middle of a huge snowstorm, and update my blog. I told her I wasn't comfortable driving in the snow, so she said I should walk... 10 miles... uphill... barefoot.
Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. But, she did ask me to blog, and told me I could use her computer. So Annie, I'm at your house. I let the dogs out. I'm using your computer. i hope you're happy. :)

Since this post is extremely Annie heavy, I thought I would take a page out of her book and blog about things I am extremely excited for:


One of my best friends (Allie) is getting married this summer, and I am her maid of honor! I'm so excited, as she is a super awesome person, and her fiance is just as cool. This means I get to plan her bridal shower and her bachelorette party... both taking place in New Orleans this spring. I'm most excited to plan the bridal shower... I just love me a good tea party. Her wedding is taking place in Florida at her fiance's family beach house. I'm pretty jacked about that too. I love the beach, and this wedding has "awesome time" written all over it.

"Beach" Retreat

While in college every year my sorority went on beach retreat. A whole weekend of hanging out with each other and soaking up the sun. It was always a good time. Well, a bunch of us alums have continued the tradition. Every year we vacation together someplace really neat. Florida, Atlantic city, and a cruise have been on the itinerary before, and it looks like this year everyone may be coming to DC! I am so excited to have my sisters see where I live, and to experience the awesomeness of this city. Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to live here, but how many people can say they can see the Washington monument from their house? I live in a pretty awesome place, and I know my sorority sisters will have an awesome time here.

Memorial Day Weekend

I know all of my things that I'm excited for aren't for a few months, but I can't help myself. Memorial Day is no different. every year I spearhead a group trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX), and this year is no different. I've already started to look at houses, and get numbers. While I won't book a place till March, it's nice to know this is on the books.

Update: Annie, H and R are asleep at my feet... by the heating vent.


This is one thing I am excited for that's happening right now. Some of ya'll know I go to Washington Sports Club. I love the gym because of one class: Step Aerobics. It's taught by an amazing teacher, and it's also taught at an extremely high intensity level. I've tried SO many other step classes, and none have other come close. In the past I've had free access to company gyms, but have continued to pay the (ridiculously high) membership fees at Washington Sports Club because of this one class. Well, now, it looks like one of my bi-weekly classes is being canceled. This means I only get step once a week. I decided I couldn't justify four classes for the high fees, so, as much as it pains me, i am switching gyms. I checked out other gyms in the area and have settled on Fitness First. Their gym is definitely smaller than WSC. They also don't offer towel service, but they DO offer three step classes a week, and $20 monthly membership fees plus free parking. I'm totally on board. I'll probably start in a month once my WSC membership is over.

Okay, I hope this satisfied you Annie.

Love, Tina Marie