Friday, July 23, 2010

Follow Friday: Texas Bloggers

I love following all sorts of blogs. My favorites are obviously crafts blogs. Not too long ago I stumbled across

It's a great blog all about party decor. I think it must be the sorority girl in me, but I love throwing, and decorating for, a nice party. I get all sorts of ideas for her blog, and as it turns out, she's from Texas! Double win!


Not all the blogs I follow are crafts oriented. My friend Annie turned me onto a great blog called

The woman has a few biological children, and a couple of adopted children. Her husband runs a youth center in a not so great neighborhood in Dallas. She is a stay at home mom, and supports her husband and the youth center. On top of all this, they decided to move to the not so great area of Dallas in order to better serve the community. I am from Dallas, and I know a lot of kids who grew up in the neighborhood she lives in. I can't believe all the good she is doing. It's great to see someone giving back to my hometown.

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