Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tina's Favorite Things: Fashion

I'm am hardly a fashionista, but there are certain items I have found in my travels that I could not live without.

Here are a few of my favorite fashion items:

HUGE Rings.

I have to attribute this newer obsession to my friend Tamsin. She totally turned me onto huge rings. It was completely her thing first, and I'm just a copycat. I can't help it though. I love them.
My favorite place to find big rings in DC is Eastern Market, and my favorite place in NOLA for all kinds of jewelery is Trendz (yes, with a Z, but don't let that turn you off to this place). Both have cheap one of a kind pieces that will add a lot of flair to your wardrobe.
See full size image


Shut up. I know what you're thinking. But I can't help myself I LOVE my bumpit. I bought it originally as sort of a joke. A "Haha, look at me being ridiculous", but it's turned into a love affair. I love adding some volume to my do, and I love taking my bumpit out when I'm with a group of people... especially guys. Men are totally fascinated with the bumpit. It's hilarious.

Hair Volumizing Leave-In Inserts - As Seen on TV, Light Brown

LL Bean Totes

My friend Annie bought me a mini LL Bean boat and tote for Christmas a few years ago. Now I am totally hooked on these tote bags. They have zipper tops, so things wont fall out of them. They have long handle, perfect for slinging over your shoulder, and most importantly (for me), they are indestructible. These things can take a beating. They are meant for boating, so you can leave em in the sun, get them sandy, get them wet, crumple them up, and they will continue to hold strong. They are completely color customizable and come in an array of sizes. I've asked for the x-large for Christmas.
Boat and Tote Bag, Zip-Top

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  1. I love all of my boat and totes! I'm getting my mom a large of extra large one for her moving present, because they're just so practical! Mine have withstood me, and I'm crazy hard on bags.

    Now you have me wanting to try the bump it!