Monday, July 26, 2010

It's a Texas Thang: The Hand Wave

I know all of my readers know I am a Texas girl at heart. I may live in DC, but I truly miss all things Texas. My "It's a Texas Thang (Thing, for those without the Texas Twang accent)" will focus on something that I truly miss about Texas.

Today: The Hand Wave

I know we have all been in an experience where we are driving and we left someone cut in front of us. In Texas that is always followed by the hand wave. The hand wave comes from the person you just let in. It's a polite way to thank you for letting them in. I know you may get it on occasion in DC and other places, but in Texas we take the hand wave to new levels.

In Texas the hand wave occurs not only when you let someone cut in front of you, but also when you pass someone on the road. It's a friendly "Howdy". Sometimes you don't wave your whole hand, sometimes you just raise a few fingers off the steering wheel, but it's always there.

I miss the hand wave. This morning I let someone cut in front of me while driving to work and they rolled down their window and gave me a hand wave. It was so nice. It not only brightened my morning, but it sparked this post, and a whole new series in my blog. So I'd like to shout out the hand wavers. Thanks for making my day.


  1. I always wave when someone lets me in!!! I also verbally say "thanks" even though there's no way they'd even see my lips moving not to mention actually hear me. Frank thinks I'm nuts but waving thanks makes me feel better! And I agree, I get really excited when someone I've let cut in waves thank you!

  2. If someone doesn't wave to me when I let them in, I make an effort to block the next three or four cars that try to get in front of me just for karma. That's how I roll.