Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've blogged! Time sure does fly when you're having fun.
So here is a little catch-up session on my life.


I bought a gun! I have already been shooting twice with it.
About a year ago my friends Steve and Hugh took me shooting with them. I always grew up with guns in my house, so it wasn't really a novelty to go shooting. However the guns in my house were always rifles and shotguns. We never had handguns growing up, and I had never shot a handgun. We went to the NRA range, and I was immediately hooked. I knew I wanted my own gun. I've shot several different kinds of guns at this point (22, 40, 45, 9mm, revolver, etc). I finally decided that I wanted a 22 for range practice. The ammo for a 22 is much cheaper than the ammo for any other type of gun. This is primarily what drove my decision in conjunction with the fact that my dad is giving my one of his shotguns when I go home in June. This means I'll have a gun for home protection AND a gun for range use. I am so hooked though. I definitely plan on buying more guns. I think my next gun will be a higher caliber gun either a 40 or 45. I haven't decided yet, but I know it will happen.

New Diggs

My Apartment is done! There are still a few things I want to fix up (refurbish my dresser) but all the pictures and curtains are hung. The walls are painted. My headboard had been refurbished. I really couldn't love it more. I know I'll dream up new ways to improve the place but that's just the inner crafter in me. But I would say I'm fully nested in my new digs. Love it. To prove my love I'm finally inviting people over. I'm having a little girls get together on Saturday. Keeping busy!

Back Home Again

Speaking of keeping busy, I surely am. I have every Saturday planned out from now till June 13th! I have weddings, and beach weekends, birthday parties, graduation parties, and a girls get together to look forward to! I'm tired just thinking about it, but excited to live it all out.

Aside from the beach, the weekend I am looking forward to the most is my long weekend in Texas! I am so excited to see my parents and my siblings. I didn't make it home for Christmas this past year, which means I haven't seen my parents since last May at my little sister's graduation! That will make 13 months without seeing them! I have never been away from my family for so long. We are all really close, so I'm understandably excited.

I'm also excited because my cousin is getting married! This cousin is more like a sister to me. She and I are only a year apart in age, and we spent our whole lives together. We played barbies, and house, and school together. We wore each other's clothes. We dreamed about going to college and doing great things with our lives. I am so happy for her, and I can't wait to be a part of her big day (I'm the maid of honor).

Finally I'm excited to EAT in Texas. I will officially not be on a diet for those 4 days. I plan to have Jack-in-the-box, Hardeman's bbq, Mexican food, southern comfort food, and anything else I can get my hands on. I also plan to bring tons of stuff back with me. Last winter Sarah and I made tamales from scratch. I'm going to bring back pre-made dough with me (they sell it in the stores for dirt cheap, and it takes hours to make. I'm also bringing back homemade flour tortillas, and tamales. My parents bought me a stand mixer, so that's coming back too, along with the shotgun. I'm sure TSA is going to have a fun time looking through my random assortment of checked luggage, but it will totally be worth it to have good food back here in DC.

Enough for now, more tomorrow!

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