Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From the Capitol: Outdoor Film Festivals

Although I am a true Texan at heart I do love living in the Nation's Capitol.
I feel such a sense of pride when I pass by the monuments. And there is nothing in the world quite like walking on freshly fallen snow in front of the US Capitol Building.
I want to share some of my adventures. I used to do this with my "Around Town" tidbits. I'm bringing it back.

Those of us who live in DC love "Screen on The Green". Classic movies, watched outside on the mall.

Not all of us know there are other (less crowded) options:

The Rosslyn Outdoor film Festival brings you : "I love the 90's"

April 30 - Clueless
May 7 - Wayne's World
May 14 - My Best Friend's Wedding
May 21 - Edward Scissorhands
May 27 - Happy Gilmore
June 4 - Office Space
June 11 - Cry Baby
June 18 - Mrs. Doubtfire
June 27 - Bio-Dome
July 2 - Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
July 9 - Home Alone
July 16 - What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
July 23 - Empire Records
July 30 - Dumb & Dumber
August 6 - Romeo & Juliet
August 13 - Airheads
August 20 - The Wedding Singer
August 27 - The Birdcage
September 3 - Billy Madison

For details on this and other outdoor film festivals visit:

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  1. So jealous!! Wish my town did something as cool as this!