Monday, May 24, 2010

I Can Smell the Ocean...

A a few things I'm excited about today.

First of all i realized I can do blog posts from my phone. This means that I can talk into my phone and makes posts with my voice to text feature. I think this is the most awesome thing ever. I really couldn't love my phone more (Just ask my friends I'm sure other tired of listening to talk about it).

Other thing I'm excited about is my trip this weekend. I know I blogged earlier about my trip to the outer banks. Now that it's finally here I'm so excited. I only have 2 more days till I'm on the beach. I keep thinking of things to pack. I made a packing list about 3 weeks ago, but I've added about 10 more items to do list today!

Also all the girls going on the trip started in email thread about exchanging chick lit books. It amazes me how much crappy fiction I have on my bookshelf. But there is nothing better than a mindless read while laying out in the sun.

Another faction of the group going have an email thread about shipping down crawfish. Or shipping UP crawfish, I should say (from from New Orleans). We will call this faction the Cajun Contingent (Matt's term). Normally I get to eat crawfish once a year at my alumni association crawfish boil. This year, however, they teamed up with other New Orleans alumni associations and are having 1 big crawfish boil on the same weekend as my trip.

Between books and crawfish this will be the perfect weekend!
Also congratulate me as I just "talked" my first blog :)

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