Monday, May 24, 2010

Geeking Out

That's right... this entire post will be about the series finale of LOST.

My Lost Back story

When Lost first came out 6 years ago, I watched season 1. I thought it was a phenomenal show. However, in season two they changed the air date, and it conflicted with another show I watched. I chose the other show over LOST.
Two years ago, when the creators of LOST said they had a definite end date in plan for the series, I decided to wait, and watch the series when it ended.
I knew it would be less stressful for me, as I have many friends who are LOST fanatics. I didn't want to have to wait at the end of each season. I wanted instant gratification.
Six months ago I finally started watching the series. I watched from the beginning. I was hooked, yet again, only this time I could watch episodes at a time.
I made it through the series in no time at all. I was able to jump on the bandwagon about 6 episodes into the last season.
Last night was epic. I cannot remember being more fulfilled with a series finale.
I think every series should have an end date in mind. It meant the producers/writers could have to time to wrap up the show in the way they wanted to, and in a way that satisfied the fans.

The End - Synopsis (and Spoilers)

The title of last night's episode was so perfect.
The show was a character driven show. No real mysteries surrounding the island were revealed. We still don't know what the significance of the numbers are. We don't know why Walt had magic powers. We don't know a lot of things, but we do know that the flash sideways was a type of purgatory. A holding room that all of the characters had created in death. They waited for each other before moving on. At the end we see Jack's dad lead them all into the light.
Ahhh-mazing. After all the time travel, and flashing forwards and backwards, it was awesome to see everyone united and happy again, even if it was in death.

Imagery and homage

Within the last episode we saw a lot of homage paid to earlier episodes.
First of all each of the main characters had a flashback. The flashbacks were triggered by some event that was a parallel of a momentous event on the island. It was a great treat for the viewers to get to be a part of each of these.

Also, there were lots of shots (camera angles) that were similar to other iconic shots throughout the series. I think the most notable was the shot of John Locke/MIB and Jack looking down the cave with the light beaming upwards. In season 2 we saw the same shot when the the hatch was finally opened. It was as if everything had come full circle.

The biblical imagery and symbolism in the series was also phenomenal.
When Jack was pierced in the side (a la Jesus) I knew that we was going to be sacrificed.
When Jack had Hurley drink from the water bottle, it was very much like breaking of the bread.
The idea that the flash sideways was a "holding room" or purgatory.
Jack's dad's name is "Christian Shepard". (I just caught that one last night when "Kate" mentioned it.

All in all, I loved the finale. I am sure many a dissertation will be written about the series, and I think the creators of the show are genius.

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  1. OMG so glad you watched it last night! It was amazing! I agree, they did it perfectly. I also never caught on to the fact Jack's dad was named Christian Sheppard until last night. I had been talking about the finale a few weeks ago with a few students and mentioned to them the idea of a heaven/purgatory type situation and I am happy I was right! I do wish we had learned more of the answers, like what the numbers mean, though.
    I use one of the episodes "Man of Faith" I think is the title, in my religion class to show the clash between science and faith. Good catch on those camera shots, I was thinking the same thing. And I LOVED!!!!! that it ended with Jack's eye closing. Full circle!