Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Phone


So I just realized that I haven't shared my new phone purchase with the blogoverse. I bought a Droid! I absolutely LOVE it. It does everything the iphone does PLUS it's with Verizon not AT&T. This was the major selling point for me. I had no plans to switch providers. I absolutely LOVE Verizon. I never have dropped calls and they get service in the metro. I also never go over my minutes. I knew I wanted a smart phone and the droid does everything I could ever want it to do. So far I have learned that it has speech to text capabilities. This means that I never have to type anything. I can just talk it into my phone. This is especially handy when driving. Today I learned how to download music directly to my phone. This is so awesome as I am one of the few people left on earth who doesn't have an ipod (well, I have a shuffle, but that doesnt count). I buy my music thru amazon mp3, as far as I can see it's the same as the itunes store. The other great thing about the droid is that it's powered by google. As a google user this is MONEY. Everything is incorporated into one place for me.
My contact list is a list from every source. This means if I have you in my gchat list, and a phone number for you it will automatically combine the two entries. I LOVE it. My next purchase will be a mount so that when I use the turn by turn GPS navigation I wont have to set my phone in the cup holder. Total phone win.

Life Without TV

It has now been a month without TV. I'm doing pretty well. I have made my way thru Friday Night Lights. I'm in search for a new show. I have a few recommendations. I am SO bad at the Netflix thing tho. I use the streaming ALL the time, but I still have the second movie they mailed me. I really suck at sending things in the mail. All in all I would say my little experiment is gong well. I think cable is a complete rip off, and I don't think I'll be going back to it anytime soon.

Summer Trips

On Monday I talked about my trip home in June, but before that trip I am going to the Outer Banks! This is the third time I have planned the trip and I am SUPER excited. I hope that this continues to be a yearly tradition. I really love taking time out just to hang out with friends, and lay in the sand. Memorial day at the beach is totally the best way to kick off the summer!

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