Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Pomanders

Do you know what a pomander is?
I didn't really either until I became the crafts guru for my cousin's wedding.
I'm really looking forward to her affair. It will be an outdoor ceremony at the Dallas Arboretum.
I'm making pomander's to hang from the rows.
There are a few examples I took some inspiration from:

I started off with styrofoam balls. I picked these up at Michaels for about $1 each.

I decided to make paper pomanders, as they were a little cheaper to make than fabric ones. I also picked up my paper supply from Michaels.
To cut out the flower shapes I used hole punches. I'm sure all you crafters have seen the hole punches in your local craft store. I thought it would be a nice contrast if I used 2 different types of cutouts. For the center I used pink, and coral color for the outer petals. The center of each flower is a pushpin with a pearl head. I picked these up at Walmart for about $2 a box.

Also, it should be noted that my local dollar store (yes I shop at the dollar store) has these same kinds of cutouts for only $1! Whereas I pay $5-8 at the craft store.
It's something you may want to check out.

I made my pomanders double ended (2 on one piece of ribbon).

Sorry for the crappy pictures, I still havent uncovered my camera cord from the move... over a month ago.

I think they came out really well. They were a little tiresome, but very easy to make!

Love, Tina Marie

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  1. Those are super cute!!! I think they look better than the pictures you showed us. So you got a puncher to cut out the flower shapes? That's awesome!!