Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Night is Day

Ive completely messed up my sleep schedule. All it took was a few nights of endless insomnia, and bam! I am now falling asleep at 5am. It's awful. I really need to fix it, but the insomnia just wont stop. Sigh.

Computer Virus

I somehow infected my computer with a virus, which sucked. I tried running the virus scan, but the virus kept shutting down every program I opened. It wouldn't let me open task manager, or add/remove files either. It was so infuriating. FINALLY, I searched on my blackberry, and realized that if I started the computer in safe mode I would be able to open programs and download the necessary antivirus software. My computer is all good now, but it's not something I want to do again.

Black Friday

WHY would anyone subject themselves to this is beyond me. I just don't believe you can save enough money to make it worthwhile. I've been following the commercials. Old Navy has everyone beat. They are opening at 3am. That's right THREE AM! That is insane! It means you would have to be up at 2am to get there on time. At that point there is no reason to even fall asleep. I just think that time off with our families is so precious that you really don't want to spend it in all mall fighting off soccer moms for a $15 toaster.


Speaking of the holidays, it looks like I'll be in DC for them this year. After weighing my options I realize that there is no reason to fly to Dallas and spend an insane amount of money on 4 days. I'd end up spending about a grand, which would basically cover my flights to Vegas and Spain. It just doesn't seem worth it to me. I'm sad that I won't be with my family, but I have to look at it logically. This will be my first Christmas without them, but I'll go to mass, and maybe volunteer somewhere. I'll make sure to fill my day.

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