Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feeling Very College-y

I should note that I LOVED college.
With my new job I have been in my car a TON. I have been running around like crazy and I love it. My main client lives in Mclean, so I drive there, usually 4 times a week. I have also been to another client in crystal city a few times a week. I have been running errands for both clients, the people in the container store know me by name. I have spent over a grand there in 2 weeks, so it's no surprise. Client one also has 2 storage units in crystal city that I have get to frequent to make drop offs. In college I lived in my car. Not literally. I had a great apartment off campus, it was really really nice, cause in NOLA good apartments came cheap. It was about a mile from school (and Brunos), still I was never home. During the school year I had all my classes in the morning. I would go to class from 8am-12pm. At noon I would get lunch on campus and hang out in smokers alley for awhile. I would them go to work study (or to bourbon street to bartend my senior year). I finished work around 5pm at which point I would go back to campus for a sorority event or to the library to study for a bit. About 7pm I would head over to brunos. I usually stayed at Brunos till about 2am, at which point I would go home and go to sleep to do it all over again the next day. As you can see, there wasnt a whole lot of time for "hanging out at home". This meant that I lived in my car. I had a change of clothes for every occasion. Literally, I had a cocktail dress, chapter attire (ie Sunday best), going out clothes, everyday clothes, and workout clothes. I also kept everything I needed for Sorority goings ons. I held a position every year so there were either bins filled with ritual items, butcher paper to make banners, art supplies, new member books, manuals, etc etc etc. I also always kept a sleeve of red solo cups in my car... cause you never know.
Today the front seat of my car has a monogrammed tote bag filled with my gym clothes, two sweatshirts, a digital camera, 3 pairs of shoes, one change of clothes (work attire) and my company handbook. My backseat has 3 huge tubs headed over to a storage unit in crystal city, and a bolt of fabric. My trunk has my luggage that I still have yet to unpack from my trip to Rhode Island, and a 12pack of coors original (this belongs to the webbs).
I have also been eating love I'm in college. I have been so busy running errands, and working that a lot of my meals lately have been fast food. This was basically my diet in college.

So to sum it up, I've been feeling very college-y lately.

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