Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hahaha 11:50pm

But I'm posting!
I have 10 minutes to write this post and still make the deadline!

From the Foodie in Me

Quick Glaze

Throughout all my adventures in cooking i have learned how to make a quick glaze for cookies.
I take one egg white (it makes it shiny, but not necessary for the recipe) and mix it with 2 cups confectioners sugar. I add one tablespoon melted butter and one tsp of vanilla.
Whisk together and you have one delicious cookie glaze. Enjoy!

7 minutes...

Around Town

I realize I never tell about my awesome experiences at c-grill. C-grill is short for Clarendon Grill, located int he heart of Clarendon, VA. It's a great little bar where I watch football every Sunday. I love it because it NEVER gets full. Across the street at Mr Days, the bar is packed with people. You cant get a seat in there unless you arrive insanely early. C-grill never has a seating shortage for me and I have gone there so often I know the bartenders by name. It feels like my "Cheers". Also, on Sundays, they have a bloody mary and mimosa special. $3 till 1pm!
You cant beat that. So if you live in VA come join me on Sundays at C-grill!


I'm really a little frightened for the rest of the Cowboys season. we have a month of easy games coming up, then we face NYG, Philly, and NOLA. Those are gonna be three clutch December games. Considering out December win-loss ratio, I am terrified that we will fall apart.
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It's 11:58.


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