Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's been an entire week since my last blog post. I was busy being on vacation and coming back and being all busy with work and such.

The Job

It's going okay. I'm finding it extremely demanding being on 3 different teams. I have yet to see the upside (besides "job security") but I'm hoping it's out there.


Was amazing. You can check out my facebook profile for pics. We basically spent the days on the beach and the nights playing drinking games. I learned a few things about myself.
1. I can't sleep on a crappy mattress. I averaged 5 hours a night sleep. The mattresses were just awful. I really wish I had taken my air mattress with me, that would have been more comfortable. It also doesn't help that I now sleep on a REALLY nice Serta. I bought it brand spanking new about 5 months ago. It's amazing. Seriously amazing. Going from that to thin as paper wasn't easy. Coupled with my insomnia, it was downright impossible to get sleep. On the plus side, the lack of sleep totally made me make use of my days. I got a lot of beach time in.

2. I cant drink caffeine. A few months ago I stopped drinking Coke heavy. Instead, I now opt for Sprite, which is caffeine free. However on Saturday night, I decided to polish off half a bottle of rum coupled with coke. Bad idea. I couldn't get to sleep and woke up at 4am all jittery. No more caffeine for me.

3. I can still drink. I thought I had lost it. I don't drink much anymore. I don't like to go out and get wasted because I can no longer count on a roommate or sorority sister to get me home. Whenever I'm out with the boyfriend I feel guilty making him take care of me while I get loaded. So, I stopped drinking. I think the last time I was really shmammered was my holiday party. That was mid December.


Headed off to Dallas on Friday morning. I'm really not looking forward to the trip. I love my family, but things have been a little off lately. Also, I don't really have a lot of friends in the area. Most of my close friends live in either NOLA or DC. I don't really keep in touch with my high school peeps, so that leaves me hanging out with the little sis. It'll be okay. I think my mom got me a hotel room so I don't have to share with anyone (my little sister converted my room the second I moved out of the house... I don't mind, I would have done the same).
I'll take pics and post, though it's unlikely that I'll make any more blog posts till Monday.

My Addiction To...
Crossword puzzles. I really like trying to solve them. I rarely finish, but it's a good time nonetheless. I am a HUGE nerd, what can I say.

Grinds My Gears
PDA... keep it in your pants people.

Good News
I got a side consulting gig. I don't want to give away too many details cause I don't want to jinx it. But I am SUPER excited.

Weird Personal Fact of the Day
I don't like french toast.
I like bread. I like eggs. I like syrup. I like powdered sugar. I don't like french toast. Maybe if it were freedom toast?

TV/ Movies/Books

Jon and Kate + Eight
So, everyone has heard the controversy. I have to chime in with my opinion. I started watching the show a few seasons ago. Annie recommended it to me. It was a show about a wholesome christian family. I was immediately a fan. I did however note that Kat was very bossy. It wasn't a secret in any way, but by the same token, Jon knew what he married.
Now there are allegations of cheating on both sides. I don't know if they are true or not, but I will say that cheating isn't really the problem here. The problem is Kate being gone all the time, and Jon resenting her because of it. Something broke in their marriage and it's only going to be fixed if they quit doing the show.
I don't know how many of you tuned in on the premiere last night but it was heart wrenching. When Hannah told her daddy "Daddy, I don't want you to go anymore", it nearly broke my heart. By the same token, Kate saying "John needed a day off" seriously ticked me off. You don't get a day off from being a parent. Parenting is 24/7. He should have thought about that before he had kids. Everyone likes to point the finger at Kate, and I'm not trying to say she is blameless, I am saying that Jon is the man of the house. He should have put his foot down a long time ago. He certainly shares his fair share for what has happened to their marriage.
I'm not sure that I am going to keep watching the show. It might be a little to intense for me, then again it could be a train wreck that I just can't look away from .

Around Town

It's a GREAT site to find out all the happenings of the day and of the weekend.

From the Foodie in Me

foodie tip of the day: you cannot replace confectioners sugar with regular sugar. It will not work. don't try.

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  1. Jon & Kate upsets me. I agree, they need to end the show if they want to save their marriage.