Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Roomie...

So Starting this Friday I will have a new roommate. Her name is Katie. She seems nice, although I have never met her. I found her on craigslist. It'll be weird living with someone I think. I mean, I lived with my boyfriend, but it's totally different. I haven't lived with a roommate for over a year (when Annie moved out last March). She is actually moving in on Friday, but I wont meet her till Monday when I come back from the Outer Banks.
I cleaned out the guest room out. Which was a task in and of itself. I realized I have a 2 bedroom apartment because I totally have 2 bedrooms worth of stuff. This is insane to me as I moved to DC 3 years ago with 3 bags. That's it. THREE bags.
I got the call that I had been offered the job at LI on a Wednesday, I packed up and moved that Friday. I started work on Tuesday. It was that quick. I didn't really have a place to live. I was sleeping on the sofa of one of my sorority sisters, and the rest is history. Still, in three short years I have managed to acquire brand new living room furniture, bedroom furniture, a dining room table and chairs, guest room furniture, various shelving throughout the apartment and a complete kitchen set. Whew! I think the problem here may be that I love decorating and making things nice. Don't get me wrong, I HATE cleaning, but I just love the way things look when everything is spotless and in its place.

Grinds My Gears

Washing Dishes
I HATE washing dishes. It's my least favorite household chore. This sucks because I LOVE to cook. Yesterday every dish in my house was dirty and I finally had to suck it up and wash them. But now they are all clean and I think I might move to using paper plates and cups for awhile.


I am going to the OBX this weekend. I am super jacked to be on the beach and relax in the sun.
I found a house in Nags Head that I am really excited about. we still have a few spots left if anyone is interested!


I'm coming back from the OBX on Monday, Fernando's Birthday is Thursday, and I'm flying out to Dallas on Friday. It's going to be a crazy week.
I'm going to Dallas for my little sister's graduation from high school. And before you ask, no, she hasn't chosen a college yet. I'm really excited for her though. College years were totally the best years of my life. Complete freedom in a safe surrounding, college rocks.


I am watching the season finale of Grey's tonight. I am so super jacked. I have managed to avoid the temptation for a few days now!

Around Town

Every Tuesday starting at 10 a.m., the Shakespeare Theatre Company releases an allotment of $10 tickets to patrons ages 35 and younger. Tickets are for performances through the following Sunday. Tickets are sold in person at the Sidney Harman Hall Box Office (610 F St. NW) and the Lansburgh Theatre Box Office (450 7th St. NW) as well as via phone at 202.547.1122. There is a limit of four tickets per person. This is a great way to see some great plays at a really cheap price. right now Design for Living is playing. However Starting in June King Lear will be playing.
I LOVE Shakespeare, so I am all about this one.


From the Foodie in Me

I have people coming over tonight and I'm still not sure what I'm making. This is what happens when you cook a lot. You start getting bored of all your old recipes and you go in search of new ones. I'm open to suggestions.


  1. You know what's worse than dishes? Ironing!!!

  2. I hope you have a great time in the outter banks! I've always heard such great things about it! Hopefully we'll get a chance to go sometime when we're in North Carolina!