Monday, May 4, 2009

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New Orleans
I've been out for the past few days because I was enjoying a mini vacation in New Orleans.
It was a great time. I stayed with Allie and we had a blast. I ate tons of great food, and saw both Bon Jovi and Cowboy Mouth at Jazzfest. I think I might make Jazzfest y new yearly trip to New Orleans instead of Mardi Gras.

I flew out of DCA on Thursday morning. I actually flew into Gulfport because the flight was insanely cheaper. For all of you thinking I'm insane for doing this, please realize Gulfport is as far from New Orleans as Baltimore is from DC. Unfortunately Allie couldn't get time off work, so I had to wait for her to come pick me up. I waited at The Beau Rivage. GREAT way to kill 6 hours (and $100). I played roulette. It's my favorite. It involves no skill whatsoever, and is purely luck. I lost about $100, but I killed 6 hours. So it was worth it.
The highlight of the trip was my bus ride to the Beau Rivage. There was a girl on the bus. She was bleach blond, wearing a bumpit, hot pink top, black leggings, and hot pink heels. Sher necklace said "playboy" in fake diamonds. She had HUGE sunglasses on and the biggest fake boobs ever. I very "casually" took a picture of her on my blackberry. I tried to zoom in on her boobs for effect. It's a little blurry, but you get the general idea.

Girl with huge boobs. Didn't catch her name.

I had about 12 people gchat me after I changed my status to comment on her boobs. Nicole Parks dared me to take a picture. So all you guys out there can thank Nicole for the picture.


Friday I went shopping at some of my favorite places in the city. I stopped by shoenami, gaetana, victorias/ angelique, lakeside mall (they have a Dillards, something we lack in DC), frock candy, and trendz. I love NOLA.


This was Jazzfest day! I saw both Bon Jovi and Cowboy Mouth in concert. I have to say, although I was a huge fan of Bon Jovi, they started with Livin' on a Prayer. That's their best song. You END with your best song, you don't start with it! Also, I think their best song live was Wanted Dead or Alive. They were good in concert, but Cowboy Mouth was better. We also saw Bonerama while waiting for Cowboy Mouth to come on. They were actually pretty damn good, despite the name. Later that night I went to Brunos. Ricky and Leslie were working. It was awesome to see them. Mark still works there too, but only during the week, so didn't get a chance to catch up with him. Here is the big news. Greg and Josh opened their own bar! In Metarie. It's called Hurricanes. I was tempted to go visit, but Metarie is a long way to go when you're already uptown.


Ugh, the only downside to my trip was the flight home. I was flying out of Baton Rouge. I got to stop and eat at Jack and the Box on the way. It was AWESOME. So that part was great. But my plane in BR was delayed due to a HUGE thunderstorm. It was also the tiniest plane I have ever ridden on. Led to tons of turbulence. Then in Houston my flight to BWI was delayed by an hour. I convinced them to put me on a flight to DCA (at no extra cost to me). It was a later flight though. Then that flight ended up being delayed by an hour. I got into DCA at midnight. Poor Fernando had to wait at the airport, but I guess at least he didn't have to drive to B-more.

All in all it was a great trip, but today I'm a bit grumpy and super tired. I have a lot of sleep to catch up on tonight. I hope it continues to rain, it matches my mood, and it's easier to sleep when it's raining.

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  1. Her name is Booby McBooberton. It's right there on her chest... how could you miss that??