Friday, May 15, 2009

Being Sporty...

I kinda touched on this topic the other day. I am starting to get out more and be more physical.
Yesterday I played tennis again, I was dying by the end. But I think i found a good tennis partner. She is just as bad/ good as I am. I think I might be slightly better, but that's okay. She keeps me running around the court and I do the same for her. I think we've made a steady Thursday tennis date. I'm excited about that. I think I pulled a muscle though yesterday. I need to stretch a little more before I start playing.
Also I am going to look into rock climbing. There is a place in Alexandria that is a rock climbing gym. It's the same price I pay for my regular gym membership. I would have to buy equipment though, which is the one set back of rock climbing. I'm thinking about it still. I might go after work today and do a session. See if it's as much fun as I remember it being.

Around Town/ From the Foodie In Me

Taste of Arlington
Food, Music, Fun

This Sunday in front of Ballston Mall.

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