Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tina's Favorite Things: Vintage Gloves

I wish I lived in the 50's... only not really.

I want to walk around in lovely dresses, and heels, and pearls 24/7. Sure, I do that now, but I want it to be the norm. This is part of the reason I LOVE vintage gloves.

Vintage gloves completely class up my look with very little effort.
I bought these three pairs in a resale shop for less that $5 each!

I'm not normally a huge fan of fall, but I'm excited to break out my trench so I can wear these gloves!

This is the shortest pair I own. I love the detailing on the upperside.

This pink pair was too adorable to pass up. I especially love the bunching on the sides.

These are my most favorite. Long cream colored gloves. They just scream 1950. LOVE.

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  1. I totally agree! I do wish I lived in the 1950s. I love the fashion, the fads, etc etc.