Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow Friday: Twitter Edition

I haven't done a follow Friday in awhile, but this is worth it.
As you can see in my sidebar I have a twitter account. I highly recommend you start by following me on twitter. After you follow me you must start following 50Cent. Yeah, you heard me 50Cent, and let me explain why. The third person you should follow is English50cent.

Someone out there has taken it upon him or herself to translate 50Cent's tweets into proper English.

Need more convincing? An example of the hilarity:

50cent: Soulja and fab kicked it they cool now aint no more beef you cock suckers have a nice day lol

English50cent: Soulja and Fab have reconciled their differences, but have run out of meat. Warm regards to my homosexual followers. *laughs*


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