Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NYC Yeah You Know Me

Over Labor Day weekend Tamsin and I trekked back up to see Theodora and do a little more NYC sightseeing. Unlike last time we opted for the train versus the bus. Our train out of Union Station left at 3am, it was worth it thought. The comforts of the train outweighed the comforts on the bus, even with the early start time. When we got to Theo's we both took 5 hour naps, so that also helped. By the time we hit the streets we decided to make it a day of shopping.
We walked in and out of upscale, funky, and retro shops, we stopped to look at Street vendors, and we had a great time. We called it an early night because Tamsin and Theo needed to be up early for their 5K!

I definitely didn't run in the race, I'm not a runner by any means. But the gals did wonderfully, all Tamsin set a new personal record! Yay Tamsin!

After the race we wandered around some more and I decided I really wanted to see the carosel in Central Park. Little did I know it was harder to find than Waldo.
We finally stumbled upon it (thanks to the Google) and I think I got some really neat action shots.

The next day Tamsin and I ventured out on our own. We desperately wanted to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition to all the wonderful art on display in the museum the MET has a rooftop terrace. On the roof there is a new interactive art piece. It reminded me of a huge birds nest. You can actually walk under, up, in and through all the bamboo. Tamsin and I hung out on the roof for awhile.

The roof had great views of the city skyline...

Inside the MET I was a bit overwhelmed, so we decided to narrow our ventures to the Egyptian section, classical art, and the instruments room. The picture above is a temple that the museum transported from Egypt all the way to NYC! They have a ginormous room just for this one amazing piece. It was quite an experience.

My favorite classical artist is Degas, and more specifically his dancer series. I love the way he captured the movement both in paint and in sculpture.

Of course being the seasoned violin player that I am I had to take a picture of the Stradivariuses? Stradivari? What's the plural of "Stradivarius"?

And I'll leave you with this pic of Tamsin and Theo post run on Governor's Island. They are holding up the sign I so expertly crafted for them. It reads: "Run Tamsin and Theo, Run Like Someone is Chasing You!"


  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip! I love the city so much!

  2. this is your best post ever... mainly because it heavily features me. Obvs.