Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Three Things Every Single Girl Should Own

Many of you know I'm a single gal. I also live alone. I absolutely love my apartment, and my living situation and could not be happier (alright that's a lie, I totally want a house to decorate, but as that isn't in the cards right now so I'm really happy with where I am).

As evidenced in my blog I love crafting, and putting things together. I love the feeling of being self sufficient. It makes me happy to know that I don't need help to get things accomplished around the house, and that I can be safe living alone. Don't get me wrong, I have no desire to squish bugs, or mow lawns (not that I have one) but I know how, and that's a good feeling.

These are simple three things every single girl should own:

1. Tools

Every girl should have a basic tool set: hammer, flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, wrench.
I would even take it one step further and say every girl should have a drill. I love my drill, I'm pretty sure it's one of my favorite things ever. It allows me to hang things all around the house without worry. I like to change the look of my decor often enough that this is a real staple in my tool set. I also have a staple gun, a nail gun, a level, and my newest addition a saw. It's just a baby saw, but I love it all the same. I really want a circular saw, but I just can't justify the purchase right now. I just keep adding to my tool set one thing at a time. If you take this approach it won't be so overwhelming.

2. Protection

That's right. You're a girl, you live alone, you should have SOME sort of protection in your house and your room. Part of this includes a phone. I firmly believe every girl should have a phone in her room, whether a cordless phone, or a cell phone, you should be able to call out in an emergency. I also firmly believe you need to be able to protect yourself somewhat physically. I know that guns are definitely not for everyone. I absolutely love my gun, and I feel safer knowing I have it. However before I had my gun I always have owned a baseball bat. I know it may seem silly, but I always slept better at night knowing it was there.

3. Car Emergency Kit

If you have a car you should be prepared in the instance that that car breaks down. Always make sure you have jumper cables, a jack, a spare tire (or donut), a tire pressure gauge, flares, and water (in case the car overheats). I also have a blanket in my car, in case I break down in the dead of winter. Still, I am actually guilty of not following my own advice here. I still need a few items on this list, but when I had my old SUV I ALWAYS had all of these things. Sans the water and the blanket, you can buy a kit with all these items from Home Depot, or Sears. They will run you about $50 but it's peace of mine knowing that you are set in the event of a car emergency.

Hope you enjoyed the list :)

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  1. This is all definitely great advice! I definitely agree on #3. When I bought my new car that's what my parents gave me for Christmas. I also keep an extra sweatshirt and pair of gloves in addition to the blanket in case it is winter and for some reason I'm not bundled up enough.
    As far as living alone goes, I lived alone in my house for over a year. I read in Cosmo there are a few more things to help you feel and be safer: 1) those little window decals for home security systems. Puts doubt in people's minds as to whether or not you do have it. 2) Beware of Dog signs. Even if you don't own a dog it works because if you're posting a sign like that chances are you don't have a little scrappy dog. I have so many people come to my door trying to sell stuff worried because I have those signs up. (I have them so one of my friends doesn't stupidly open my door and lets my Husky run out, not because they're vicious.) 3) Plant prickly or annoying bushes under low windows. Therefore, if someone wants to break into a window, they have to go through a rose bush or similar type thing first. It will deter. 4) If you have a sliding door, put a piece of wood in the slider track so no one can force the door open. and 5) MOTION LIGHTS! Best thing I ever did!
    That's my two cents.