Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation- Part Deux

Okay, I know I said I was going to blog about my vacation "tomorrow" like a week ago. Ive been busy. I'm in the process of job hunting. It's really consuming all my time, but next week I will be job free, therefore able to partake in the finer things in life, like blogging.
For the time being enjoy this super long post about the rest of my vacation:

During recruitment we all had to stand the exact same way with our feet all pointed in the exact way directions. It became what is known as "pretty feet". To this day we all joke about it and now taking a picture of "pretty feet" is a sorority staple.

This is a gratuitous picture of myself. I just really like it. This was the night of the formal dinner on the cruise. We all got dressed in pretty dresses and had a fancy meal. I had prime rib AND lobster. Yeah, you heard me right, that's how I roll. We all had several dishes every night. Cruises are all about making you fat.

This is a picture of my pledge class (not all of us, obviously). From left to right: Elizabeth, Samantha, Britni, Me, Tamsin. Don't we look awesome? This was also taken on fancy formal night. I love these gals, and I'm sorry I only get to see them once a year!

On the third day of the cruise we went to port in Cozumel. I wasn't overly enthusiastic about the adventure. I just figured it would be a low key kinda day, no biggie. I was pleasantly surprised though. I had a freaking blast. Our group split up into girls who wanted to go to the beach and lay around all day sipping margaritas, and the girls who wanted to trek around all day looking at ruins and shopping. I was definitely in the latter group. I love sitting at the beach, but I'm already like 30 shades darker than my natural color and I wanted to take advantage of my time in Mexico. The first thing we did was go to the ruins of San Gervasio. These are much smaller ruins than those on the mainland, but we had the most amazing tour guide. We arrived at the ruins right before the wave of tourists hit so it was just us four being led on the tour. Our tour guide (Ignacio) was awesome. He let Britni run under these arches that were roped off, he encouraged me to pick wild flowers, and he knew a ton about the ruins and Mayan culture in general. This item he showed us above is a Mayan calendar. I bought one similar to it in the gift shop area.

These are some of the ruins of San Gervasio.
When we were done with the ruins our taxi driver took us to get lunch.
At the beginning of the day we hired one taxi driver to take us all over the island. It was the best money spent. He stayed with us the entire day and it was nice knowing we had a ride wherever we went, and that we could go anyplace we wanted. Also, since he lived on the Island he knew all the best spots.

This is the lunch spot our taxi driver choose for us. The food was AMAZING. You see the pretty flower in my hair? That was the wildflower our tour guide encouraged me to pick!
Also note the mariachi's they sang "De Colores" for us. It's a pretty staple Mexican folk song.
After lunch he took us shopping and to eat paletas!

This is the beach spot our driver took us to. It was pretty touristy, but the water was the most beautiful shade of blue. You could see right through to the bottom, definitely a long way from the gulf coast. He was a seriously awesome driver and guide.

Walking back to the ship we got a great pic of the Carnival Triumph sign.

After our foray to Cozumel, the next day was an "at sea" day. That evening we got all dressed up again and went to the big show. It was a tribute to New Orleans! They did a pretty decent job. While we were waiting for the show to start Allie snapped this picture of me and Sam. Don't I look lovely?

This was dinner our final night on the cruise. In the middle is our maitre'd. I have no idea if I spelled that correctly.

It was a fabulous cruise, and I'm sad to be away from all my sister's again. But never fear, we have decided that next year we will vacation in California! I'm so excited, as I've never been to Cali. But you'll have to stay tuned in for the next year to get that recap!

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  1. I'm so glad you like that picture of yourself since I snapped it to get the ridiculously tall guy in the doorway! And you're right. They want to get you fat. BUT because of all the walking around the boat you don't actually gain weight! The beauty of it! Can't wait for Cali! I miss you girls already!