Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Rant

Actually it's not really random, I just really like alliteration.

I can't believe there isn't a decent Mexican food restaurant anywhere in DC. Sure, there are a few places that can make tacos, but any idiot can make a taco. I'm talking about authentic MEXICAN food. Why did I put Mexican in all caps? Because lots of restaurants around here claim to be Mexican food, but they aren't. They are El Salvadorian. It isn't the same. Trust me.

The big myth to Mexican food is that it's the same 10 ungredients used in a myriad of ways to make new items. For example, the taco and the enchilada: Meat, tortilla, cheese... The same can be said for the tostada/chalupa, and the gordita. Though, my readers should know, if you ever find yourself in an authentic Mexican restaurant, and you order a gordita or a chalupa don't expect it to look like what you eat at taco bell...

There is so much more to Mexican food than the taco. I would love a restaurant where I can order Guiso. Guiso is the most delicious thing ever, just ask Annie about my beef pepper steak guiso. She doesn't like pepper, but she loves this dish. Also at the top of my list of wants is menudo, a spicy red stew. You don't want to know what's in it, trust me, but it's wonderful. The list of food I crave is endless, and DC has no place where I can eat any of these items. So, I will continue to search for the perfect Mexican restaurant, at least until the fall, when it isn't a million degrees outside, and I can turn my stove/oven back on.

Till then, I suffer.

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  1. "What's in the taco?"
    "Tortilla, meat and cheese."
    "What's in the fajita?"
    "Tortilla, meat and cheese."
    "What's in the enchilada?"
    "Tortilla, meat and cheese."
    ~Jim Gaffigan