Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

I have the tiniest kitchen ever. Seriously, it's small. There is enough room for the stove and the fridge along one wall. The other wall holds the sink and a few cabinets. Definitely leaves me wanting more.
I'm so in love with the rest of my apartment but I wanted something more for the kitchen. So I started googling some ideas for making use of my one empty wall. This is what I came up with:

Julia Child's kitchen. Seriously, who didn't love the movie "Julie and Julia"? I know I adored it. I also adored Julia's kitchen. While she and her husband were living in France her space was limited, so she made use of peg board walls all around her kitchen. It led to opening up a lot of space, and to easy access to all the items that she needed at an arm's length. Genius.

I'm also a huge fan of open air cabinets. I love seeing my dishes on display. I took a lot of time and effort to pick out everything I own, so I don't mind sharing that with the world. I will say you will never see me display food! I like to keep my food hidden away in cupboards.

This is what I started with. I put up 2 shelves the third wall, and hung a hand made painting. I also painted my backsplash orange along the wall with the sink. I haven't been happy with it though. I love the orange, but I wanted to incorporate the color onto the other walls without having to paint an entire wall.

This was "my" solution. I went to Home Depot and bough 2 pieces of pine wood. The pieces 8 feet long and about 2 inches wide. I cut each piece in half. Now I had 4 pieces. I mounted the pieces on the wall to make a frame for my peg boards.

Yep, I then screwed the pegboards to the frames. I made sure to anchor my frames to the wall, cause I knew they would be carrying a lot of weight.

Then I hung my Le Creuset set that my mom gave me. It's high end enamel cast iron cookware, and I LOVE it. If it were possible to marry a kitchen item I would marry this set.

Then I added a few more items...

And I filled the selves with all my glassware...

Now I LOVE my kitchen!

Seriously... LOVE it!

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