Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Weekend of Gluttony

I really don't think I could have ingested any more junk into my body this weekend.
Let's recap:

Thursday Night/ NYE

On NYE I had dinner with friends. I had a great time, it was a fancy "grown up dinner". We all got dressed up and the gentleman folk even wore tuxes. This was by far the healthiest meal I had all weekend. I was prime rib, corn and cream spinach. It was deliciously yummy. After dinner I made my way to a house party in Clarendon to ring in the New Year. I had a blast, but they had all sorts of yummy bad for you foods. I was super full from dinner, but I couldn't resist trying some of the desserts. Mini eclairs are one of my all time favorite desserts ever. I sat next to a bowl of them, major mistake. I also had quite a few hand fulls of chex mix, a couple glasses of champagne, and the most delicious tiramisu cake from whole foods. If you like tiramasu you MUST try this cake a some point, it was divine.

New Years Day/ Friday

I headed over to the same friends house that I had been at for dinner (Annie and Frank). They invited me over for a day long marathon of gluttony and binge drinking. Other friends were over as well. We spent the day eating chips, queso, sour cream dip, pizza, tamales (my contribution), candy and drinking copious amounts of booze. I had a nice little buzz going by the time I passed out on their sofa for the night.


Saturday was awesome, I had already had 2 weekend days, and I was still in store for 2 more. A group of us decided on a costco lunch. If you've never had lunch at costco, you should. I had a hotdog, a coke heavy, and half a churro all for $2.50. It was AWESOME. After costco lunch we decided to all go to the movies. The ladies in the party decided to kill some time before the movie at Marshalls while the fellas headed over to Best Buy.
***I'll take a 30 second time out here to say that I cannot count how many times I have done this. The pentagon city best buy is across from the Marshalls. Once upon a time my ex boyfriend convinced me to go to best buy with him, "real quick". Two and a half hours later, we were still there. From then on out, whenever I went to best buy with him I knew that I should plan on spending time at Marshalls as I was look at at least an hour long excursion.***
After my time in Marshalls a group of 5 of us went to the movies. we saw 3 movies among 5 people. The fellas opted for Sherlock Holmes, the other ladies saw "It's Complicated" and I FINALLY saw "The Princess Frog". After the movie we all headed back to Annie and Frank's apartment at which point we ordered Chipolte and stuffed ourselves. After Chipolte I finally went home. Once I got home I decided to go to bed... until my roomie sent me a text. Her dad had bought her a cheesecake, and she offered me some. I went upstairs, had a slice and stayed up till 3am watching House.


Sunday was totally the day I was looking forward to all weekend.
Sunday is football.
I headed to cgrill where I had a burger and fries, and I cashed in on my bet with rob, the bartender. I bet him 2 drinks that the Cowboys would sweep the redskins this season. We did, and he paid up. My game was at 4, and Cgrill was closing after the 1pm games for a company party, so I headed over to hard times. There, Annie, Dan and I split a pitcher of beer and fried macaroni bites. I came home after a kickass Cowboy win and had the rest of my box of raisinettes (from Saturdays movie). Now I'm sitting here fuller that I have been in a very long time.

Books/TV/ Movies

Boys will be Boys

I have been hawking this book all weekend. I LOVED it. It's all about the Dallas Cowboys of the early 90's. Dallas fans will love the inside look into the winning franchise, and Dallas haters will add fuel to their fire when they read about the lifestyle the players led. Literally every chapter makes reference to crazy hookers and blow. It's a phenomenal book and I highly recommend!

Grinds My Gears

Dumb Girls

I'm am fine if you know absolutely nothing about football. I really am. It's not a game for everyone. As a matter of fact, I know very little about basketball, aside form the very basic rules of the game. HOWEVER, girls who parade around bars with their boyfriends, talking on their phones about the latest gossip, sporting the pink version of a players jersey, all during week 17 of the NFL regular season PISS ME OFF. Please, please stay at home dumb girls. I'm really enthralled with what is going on in the game, and I have no need to hear you talk about "jenny's new boyfriend", Or listen as you ask your boyfriend to explain every single play to you after it's been played, or worse yet, WHILE it is being played. Please buy "Football for Dummies", or better yet, take some "me" time while your boyfriend is watching the game, cause you really grind my gears.

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