Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last Weeks of Football

It makes me so sad. I really love the game. In my opinion, no other sport comes close to being as thrilling. I enjoy other sports (baseball and basketball) but when you grow up in a city with a major NFL team, and that city is in Texas... well, you grow up living the sport.


I'm really sad my Cowboys aren't in the title game. Right now I'm telling myself that we have next year, and next year the Superbowl will be in Cowboys Stadium! I'm thinking I'll go home and party it up for that game. Can you imagine if we made it to the Superbowl, and it was played in Dallas?! No team has ever had home field advantage in a Superbowl. I think the energy would be insane. For the time being, I'll look forward to that, and keep my fingers crossed that Phillips isn't our Coach next year.


I feel like SUCH a poser rooting for the Saints. They have been my second favorite team since I was 18 and moved to New Orleans. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm constantly talking about the city, and how much I love it. I grow fiercely defensive of anything Katrina related, and I really DO like the Saints. BUT now EVERYONE likes the Saints. I feel so fake and poser-y.
Oh well, I'll wear my fluer de lis in hopes they make it to the Super Bowl.
Geaux Saints!


Seriously, who saw that coming? Anyone? Anyone? Buller?
Their coach didn't even see them making the playoffs and now they are in the NFC Championship game. I'm writing this as they are playing the Colt. I don't thing they make it any further, but seriously good showing on their part.


I don't really have anything against them. I'm not surprised they've made it this far, especially considering the improvements in their defense and the clutchness of Manning. I will say... I LOVE Manning commercials. The man's hysterical. Laser rocket arm...


I hate Favre. I just do. I didn't hate him before he left Green Bay. I thought he was one of those stand up kinda guys. Gave to charity, no one could really say anything bad about him. Sure, you wanted to beat him when your team played his, but that's to be expected. There are some people out there **cough cough Annie cough cough** who though that he should have retired from Green Bay long ago. But really, Green Bay loved him. That's really what mattered. His fans adored him. Then, he moved to NY... I disliked him. Then he moved to Minnesota... I hated him.
I'm incensed for Green Bay fans. This guy could have gone out a legend, a hero... people would have named cities after him (cities in Wisconsin, but still). His last season with GB was a good one too. He led his team to the playoffs, and it was a high note. But no. He lacked the respect for his fans, the fans that had given him so much. It really grinds my gears. For me, it would have been the same as if Landry/Staubach had gone to the Redskins when Jones screwed them over. We all know they still wanted to coach/play, but they left the game with dignity, and now they are heroes in Dallas. That's what a franchise guy should do, realize it's more than just business. It's about the fans.

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