Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bill O'Reily is a Jerk

I'm watching the returns for the MA special election on both Fox News and CNN. Fox News is obviously slanted to the right and CNN slanted to the left. I try to get an unbiased view of my news, hence the switching back and forth. This evening Bill O Reiley had a liberal consultant on his show and asked if her if she was going to cry on air. Kind of a jerk. Not to be outdone, Keith Obernin was just as horrible on his show.

MA Special Election

While I have very specific opinions about politics I am very open minded to a lot of things. More than anything I am rooting for Brown because of the healthcare debacle. I'm completely anti universal healthcare. The idea of government interference in an issue as private as a persons health and medical records is ridiculously frightening in my opinion. I'll save the preachyness as this is usually a light hearted blog, however I will not hide my excitement at the fact that Republicans will now be able to filibuster the healthcare bill.

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