Monday, January 4, 2010

Be Good and Don't Do Drugs

When I went to college it was a big change for my family. My little sister was only 10 and my younger brother was 15. We had all spent our whole lives together, and I was about to break up the dynamic forever. That first year in college was great for me, but I know my siblings had a hard time of it, my brother more than my sister. He ans I had been playmates throughout all of childhood. My sister and I loved each other very much, but we had never gone to school together, or played together really because of the difference in our ages.
My brother made sure to call me at least a few times a week. He would be angry when i didn't return his calls. Actually, to this day that is true. We chat on the phone often about life, love, happiness, careers, etc. I do my best to give him the best advice that I can. At some point in my freshman year, I started to end my calls with "be good and don't do drugs". For some reason we both found this highly amusing. From then on out, he won't hang up the phone with me unless I tell him to "be good and don't do drugs". Today is his 24th birthday. I can't believe my little brother is all grown up, and for that matter my little sister. She turned 19 yesterday (yes, they have birthdays one day apart). Time has flown so quickly since my freshman year of college. I (obviously) still love them both very much, and we continue to remain close to this day.
So today, after my call with my little sister (which was very gossip/boy filled). I called my brother to tease him, wise him a happy birthday, and tell him to be good, and don't do drugs.

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