Friday, September 11, 2009

One Thing to Do...

Are you ever at work on a Friday, and all you have to accomplish is one thing, and at 4:30pm, you still havent accomplished it?
That's me today.

I'm upset that my bosses are scattered all across the office (this is a new development). To vent, I've accomplished nothing today. So here are my random thoughts through todays workday...


Just saw the first 2 episodes on HULU. I am totes hooked. They sang Journey songs in the first episode! The best part is every song is a song you know. I can totally see myself singing into my hairbrush tonight...


the best stop for bridesmaid dresses. My cousin is getting married. I'm the maid of honor. I choose tea rose colored dresses at jcrew. I win. I also bought the bridesmaid dress for Annie's wedding at jcrew. It's served me well with a total of 4 wears so far.

Sorority Life

The game on facebook. It's so addicting! I log on everytime my "energy" replenishes to organize more social events.

Daily Crosswords

I do them every day, pretty explanatory.


must update at least twice a day. my public is dying to know what i had for lunch.

The Scoop

Gossipping with several girls in my office about what really went down while I was on furlough. Turns out my boss was a pain in everyone's behind. Four different people were called in to help. It makes grateful that other people see how bad they can be.

I think that's it. I know today's post is weird and short, but I still have to finish that one task...

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