Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

So sad, Patrick Swayze died yesterday. He made it a lot longer than anyone thought he would. I remember watching dirty dancing when I was really little. I loved it (because I loved the dancing parts). Some years later I watched it again and realized that I couldn't have possibly understood what was going on when I was little. That whole abortion thing was WAY over my head at age 8.
Anyways I love Patrick Swayze and I hope he's in a better place.

The Day From Hell

That would be yesterday. I got into work and all sorts of shit had hit the fan. I sent out something via courier on Friday and the courier never picked it up. My boss emailed me over the weekend, but I've stopped checking my work email on the weekends. So I come in Monday to him throwing a hissy fit that the book never got to him. Also, he's created his own book and has made edits to it. I basically was looking at about 4 hours worth of work. In addition to that I needed to create and send out 5 bound copies of a proposal. I also had to send out contract letters to 2 different clients. All this was in the healthcare sector. In the education sector I had a contract to get out, 3 meetings to schedule, and transportation and lodging reservations to make. In the international education sector I needed to create the first draft of a 500 page client research book. On top of all that expense reports were due and I needed to reconcile over seven thousand dollars worth of credit card charges. Needless to say, there was no way I could accomplish this in 8 hours. I ended up being at work till about 9:30pm.
Okay my rant is over.

Fanshion Faux Pas

Harem Pants. Like the MC Hammer type of pants that were in style in the 90's are coming back. I would like to take this opportunity to tell all my friends "If you wear harem pants, I will make fun of you, both to your face, and behind your back".
I managed to "covertly" snap some pictures of girls in harem pants. ***shudder***

This was actually the second pair I saw, which made me realize it might be a "fashionable" thing. The worst thing to happen to girls since uggs and leggings.

This was the first pair I saw. The picture is kind of blurry, which is what happens when you try to covertly take pictures of people. The saddest thing about this girl was that she was with a group of girls. They should know better and tell her she looked ridiculous. That's what real friends do.

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