Monday, June 8, 2009

Tomato Tomato

So the expression "Tomato, To-mah-to" looks just silly if you type it out rather than saying it aloud. Just an FYI for everyone out there. (Props to Bill on this one)

My Weekend Recap

I feel like the weekend was a million days long. I accomplished so much.
Friday I stayed in, did some laundry, no big deal.
Saturday I got up fairly early, and headed out to Eastern Market. I had lunch at the counter inside the marketplace (Shrimp sandwich) and a fresh squeezed lemonade. I walked around the market a bit, didn't really see anything of crazy interest. BUT as I was walking away I noticed this sign that read "Books" with an arrow. Well of course I had to follow.
I found the most wonderful bookstore I have ever been in. It's must have been a row house at some point. Basically the entire shop is filled from floor to ceiling with books. It's a claustrophobic's nightmare. Windows are completely blocked with bookshelves. The basement ceiling was probably 6 inches higher than me. It reminded me of the Borges novella I read about the never ending library. I could have literally sat in there and read for days on end. However, as it was a Saturday the place was busy, I bought 3 books and went on my merry way.
After the bookstore I headed back to Clarendon and made plans with Sarah. The legwarmers were in town so we decided to see if we could get scalped tickets. We were successful and even ran into the Backer's at the concert. A great time was had by all.
On Sunday I went to the Nationals game with Anna Pope. She had suite/sweet tickets. I really enjoy sitting in the front row... but nothing beats watching a game from an air conditioned suite. I had 2 hot dogs. Yum. Sunday evening I went over to S. Murphy's for some vegan fare, and topped the night off with a quick visit from Fernando.
Great Weekend.

Around Town

Cowboy Mouth
9:30 Club
Saturday 6/13
I already have my tickets and am planning my adventure to Ben's Chili Bowl!

Grinds My Gears

Chinatown in DC. It's sooo sub par to Chinatowns anyplace else. Are there even any Chinese places there? Cause every time I go I head over to Fado's or RFD, neither of these is very Chinese.


The Stranger
by Albert Camus

I was actually really surprised by this book. It's more of a novella. It has an ending that doesn't wrap up nicely. It's slightly open ended with the protagonist facing beheadment.
I really enjoyed the book however. The themes were similar to that of Our Town (Thornton Wilder). As the audience we see the protagonist move in time as though one day bleeds into the next, never fully able to distinguish one from the other, living life without emotions. It's a very moving piece and at just over 100 pages well worth a read.

Weird Personal Fact of the Day

I love books. If you read my blog often you've probably picked up on this. I know most people like books, and read often. Some people are more prone to read newspapers or magazines, or articles of interest. I love books though. I love to read, but there is something about being immersed in another person's ideas that I find completely fascinating. Whether it's a fiction and you're being whisked away to early 60's Alabama (To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee), or a non-fiction, and you're learning about the subtle complexities of class within the newer generation of workers (Rise of the Creative Class by Richard FLorida), I am equally amazed. The thought and passion these people put into their works astounds me. Also the originality of ideas. It really moves me. When I walked into that bookstore on Saturday I almost wanted to cry. I just find books that fascinating and captivating. I can literally not put down a good book. I will sit for hours and hours on end until I finish it. I just HAVE to know how the story plays out. Also, I'm ALWAYS reading something new. The idea that anyone can go days or weeks without reading makes me immensely sad. There is all this fun and all these ideas out there waiting to be explored, just waiting to be read. People in other countries don't have the advantages that we do, we can read ANYTHING we desire. I just cant imagine not wanting to.

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