Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bom Chicka Wha Wha

My headline has nothing to do with anything. I just needed a headline.


So, I think I might be a judgey person. I know this person who writes a blog, and for the life of me I didn't get why I read it. Finally hit me, in comparison to him, my life is awesome.
I don't live at home with my parents and hang out with them all the time, and I'm not living in the same town I grew up and went to college in. I think this might make me a bad person, but I'm not sure.
Sign two that I might be a judgey person is that my mom and dad are always calling me a snob. They say I'm mean to other people. Is it wrong to not want to be friends with people who didn't go to college?
Sign three, I was walking down the street yesterday and I see this girl walk out of a building. She is a very pretty girl, and super curvy. She definitely had a J-Lo butt going on, but in a good way. She was wearing a nice black fitted suit, high fives all around. Until she turned around. There was this white lace up thing going on directly up her butt seam. It was the equivalent of fishnets. Now here is the question... should I have even been noticing this?

Yeah, I'm probably too judge-y.

Email Hilarity

To: Whitham
Hey, I totes need a faves from you. I am borrowing Rachel's tent from her and I know ya'll are driving to some wedding together. Could you plz bring the tent back to Arlington with you? Thanks, Tina

To Tina:
Translate into the Queen's English, then resubmit.

To Whitham:
Good Morning Mr. Whitham, I kindly ask for your grace in granting a favor. As I understand, from a source in the form of one "Miss Rachel Crosby", you are traveling to a wedding this weekend. As it happens, Miss Rachel has a tent she is lending to me in good faith. I would be much obliged if you would take the trouble to procure Ms. Crosby's tent and bring it thus to the Commonwealth of Virginia. I would be in your debt. Humbly yours, Miss Tina Marie Cordova

I was amused.

Around Town

It Happened One Night
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Thursday 6:30pm


King Lear
I saw King Lear on Monday. It was amazing. Definitely the most intense Shakespeare play I have seen yet. I am a big fan of the bard, but I haven't read everything he's written. King Lear was something that I had not yet read. I walked into it completely blind. It was kind of exciting though to not know what was coming next. I was truly impressed with the play. The Shakespeare theater company completely hit the nail on the head. The play is a tragedy, so obviously everyone dies, but it was wonderfully refreshing to not have a nice and tidy happy ending. I will say I was a little anxious about walking into the play having never read it. I haven't studied Shakespeare in 10 years, and it isn't as if I read old English on a daily basis. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I followed the play with ease.
For those of you planning to go see the play, I will give two more warnings, be prepared for full nudity (both male and female) and be prepared for the 3 hour and 15 minute play. Not for those with a short attention span.


Wow! What a great book. It took me a little longer to finish it than I normally take. I was about three chapters in before I realized the book is completely hysterical. It's about men at war and the war told from the perspectives of the different men. It explains how everything is a Catch-22 in war. I highly recommend to anyone, especially those with a drier sense of humor. Next on the list "Life in the time of Cholera".

From the Foodie in Me

Eastern Market

I've lived in DC for too long. I remember going to Eastern Market when I first moved here. I remember the day it burned down (I was sitting outside eating lunch and I could hear the fire engines roaring about) and now I am here for it's grad re-opening (2 years later).
For anyone who lived in and around DC you MUST visit this hot spot. There are all sorts of vendors, but the real reason to go is to get meat from the butcher, pastries from the baker, and veggies from the farmer. The wares in EM will definitely be a bit pricier than that of your local grocery store, but after you take that first bite into the perfectly ripened peach you'll know it's totally worth it.

Grinds My Gears

Children's Television
Once upon a time there was this wonderful show called "Sesame Street". It taught you numbers, and letters, and let you know what school was going to be like, and the characters were fun and cheerful, but they talked in full sentences. They had catchy songs, it was a wonderful show.
Now we have baby talk and Teletubbies. When I think about the idea that only 19% of adult Americans read at a high literacy level it makes me sad, and I just don't see the hope for the future. We fill our children's heads with junk. It really makes me sad.

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