Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Four Day Work Week...

That's right! I decided yesterday that I wanted to be anywhere but here this weekend so I am headed off to Pawley's Island, SC. I'm tagging along with Annie on her beach vacation. I've met her family quite a few times at this point, so I think I'll be okay hanging with the Grimes clan.
Really excited!

G-Chat Halarity

I have some sketch ass friends.
Here are a few excerpts from a g-chat convo yesterday about "Bumpits"

Spencer: ugh, this girl and i went to seafood festival. well she started talking about how she's getting her hair did for Friday, and I'm like "just use a bumpit"

Spencer: it was a very "me" situation. It was a time i wish i was on reality tv. i would have taken a zach morris style aside and said "well i know where this master planned double date is going".

me: omg. I'm on the bumpit website
Spencer: bahahahaha. The Hollywood bumpit.
me: "not suitable for children under the age of 12" and "bumpits are not edible". Who in the f is eating them?

Spencer: A friend of ours wife was out with us last weekend and her bumpit came undone. lol
I had never seen one in person before
me: oh it's the white girls version of a weave
Spencer: yes that's what Ive been saying!

Spencer: i could never take a girl seriously who wears a bump it. You missed me sitting in the cab that night trying to put my arm around her to cop a feel of the bumpit. I didnt know what it looked like.
me: LMAO
Spencer: and i was trying to touch her head to feel the bumpit and everyone knew what i was doing except her and they were dying laughing. then somehow her phone got stuck in Arabic. Nothing funnier than blond girl with a bumpit trying to change her phone form Arabic.

Spencer: I'm obsessed with bumpits. I think they're the funniest thing ever made
me: but you like big hair! so really you should like them. They should be like your god.
Spencer: lol. I mean bumpits are kinda like the fake boobs of the big hair world. They stay in place better, but they just point too much and aren't as soft and fun. They don't move either they're just there for decoration.

Best convo about bumpits ever.

From the Foodie in Me

Pret a Manger

So this new sandwich shop opened up in Farragut. I knew it was a chain because my friend Theo had blogged about eating there (losingweightinthecity.com). I wasn't really keen to try it. I mean, in this area alone we have Au Bon Pain, Corner Bakery, Daily Market, Atrium Cafe, Capital Grounds... the list of sandwich places goes on and on. Plus we just got a "Organic to Go" downstairs. It's all kind of "eh". Yesterday I finally broke down and went to Pret a Manger. It is now my fave sandwich shop. They sell half sandwiches! Which is perfect for me. I never finish sandwiches and they don't really keep very well so it's like tossing money away. But they sell half sandwiches made fresh daily AND they are all prepackaged. I love not having to wait in line. I can just grab and go. They are also reasonably priced. Yesterday I got a chicken mozzarella sandwich with lots of fresh spinach leaves, dressed with a touch of balsamic vinaigrette, only $3! It was good too! I highly recommend this place if you work in the area!

Grinds My Gears

My insomnia. I shouldn't be this excited about sleeping 7 hours last night. But I am. I really am.


I am a HUGE fan. I know I've mentioned it before but last night was the season finale. I was so excited to watch it that I actually watched it live, with the commercials. I was so proud of Casey for breaking up with Max. I like this show because nothing is every wrapped up in a neat little package. It really does remind me a lot of my own college experience. Sure, some things are exaggerated. But, if you remember in college things that seem ridiculously silly now where a HUGE deal then, esp. if you were Greek.

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