Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moving on Up. To the East Side. A Deluxe Apartment, in the Skyyyy,

That's right folks, I'm moving.
Only, it's not really to a deluxe apartment. I'm actually moving back to my old apartment building. Only now I'll be living in an efficiency.
I'm excited to live alone again. I have realized that I am too much on an extrovert to share space with people. I start to nest and you can't expect roomies to be okay with nesting (especially my type of insane nesting).

I'm super excited about my studio, but also a little concerned about my stuff fitting.
When I moved from my old apartment, I had 2 bedrooms worth of stuff.
I downgraded, but was still able to disperse a lot of things throughout the house I live in now.
Down-grading to a studio will be tough, I know I can do it though! Wish me luck!

Smooth Talking Skills

So last year on my birthday I had brunch with all my friends at Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon. I am a sucker for their frittata. It's one of my most favorite brunches in the area.
Boulevard did an excellent job and actually gave me the private room. we had such a big reservation that it totally made sense to do this.
This year I called and wanted to get the same deal. The restaurant manager told me that the best he could do would be to reserve 2 tables of 11 people each. He promised me the tables would be side by side.
This just wouldn't do. I asked about the private room, and he said that there would be a $150 charge for that room.
My mom didn't raise a dummy.
I'm having my dinner on a Monday night.. and the reservation is for 22 people. There is no way he was going to turn me away from the restaurant. It was easy money, I was positive there wasn't another party booked in that room.
I told him that last year I had gotten the room for free, and that the reason I was calling again this year was because of the superb service they provided last year. I told him the private area really made the birthday dinner special.
He thought about it a moment and told me I could have the room, but he couldn't split the check.
I got out of a $150 charge and told everyone to bring cash to pay with.
I'm excited that I got my way with a little smooth talking.

Birthday Countdown: 7 Days

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