Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving and Painting!

I have my keys in hand! Tonight is the start of moving and painting my new place. I am getting off work at 3:30, heading home, grabbing a load of stuff, heading over to the new place, unloading stuff, painting, then hopefully heading home. Whew! tired just thinking about it, but excited as well.


I choose 3 new colors for my new apartment.
My living room will be a light green... I just cant move away from it.
My bathroom will be a sunny yellow.
My bedroom will be pink... that's right, pink. Want to fight about it?


I wrote this big long post. Then I deleted it. I have too many friends across the aisle. I'm Switzerland.


I'm still waiting for my clearance BUT some of you may know that I have been working with another guy in my same position. He is also waiting for his clearance, and his came thru today!
I'm excited for him, but sad that I'm losing my office buddy :(

March Madness

I'm never any good at March Madness picks. I don't follow basketball, and I esp dont follow college basketball. I went to a school that didn't really have sports, so for the most part college sports are lost on me. My sport is football. I think I have to marry a guy who went to a college that had college football. I'll become a fan of his alma mater.

Non Sequitur

Kinda... speaking of alma maters, a random thought just entered my head.
My high school had a song (think "Lean on Me" but not as lyrical). We sang it at the start of all the pep rallies and football games. It went like this:

Alma Mater, Bishop Dunne
When together we are one
All our years and all our days
Alma Mater we sing your praise

Your Christian ideals we have made them our own
When life gets confusing their worth will be shown

Alma Mater, Bishop Dunne
When together we are one
All our years and all our days
Alma Mater we sing your praise! (shout the bold part)

It's been like 9 years and I still remember this.
Did you have a high school song?
Can you remember it?

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  1. we have an alma mater - the cool part is that it was my dad's high school, too, so we all sang it together

    Dear Alma Mater proud you stand
    With a spirit strong and true;
    Inspiring truth and loyalty,
    In praise we sing to you!

    Let all our minds in one accord
    Unite that honor may prevail
    Thy sons and daughters sing to you
    Dear Spartanburg High School Hail!
    Dear Spartanburg High School Hail!