Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is It Time to Fulrough Yet?

So, I'm still not happy about not getting paid for 2 weeks that I have to be furloughed, but I am SO looking forward to having 2 weeks off from work. In the end, I really can't afford to go anywhere, so I am staying put. A "staycation" if you will. However this works out perfectly with my move. I plan on painting and decorating with my time off. I'm excited that the girls I am moving in with don't have a lot up on the walls. I have an entire huge box of stuff labeled "wall hangings". I also have extra paint leftover for when I painted my apartment. In addition to my home makeover skills I plan on helping out the George Mason chapter with Spirit Week. They will be going thru recruitment school and if there is one thing I know, it's recruitment. I'm excited to help them out. It's also the first time I go thru recruitment as an alum.


I'm wondering what fun things there are to do in Boston. Ive been twice and am going again for a wedding over labor day. It should be fun, but I want some new ideas of things to do. Suggestions?


18 Kids And Counting
For those of you now familiar this is a show on TLC about the Duggar Family. They are part of the Quiverfull movement and they dont believe in birth control. As a result they have 18 children. When I first heard about the show I was very skeptical that I would like it. The quiverfull movement is very religious, and I was afraid the show would be extremely preachy. I watched an episode and I was hooked. This family is WONDERFUL. They are extremely old fashioned, the girls don't wear pants, and the gender roles are extremely prevalent, however they all truly love each other and really function as a family unit.
The children are home school, so they are a little sheltered, but the family takes lots of trips around the country to add to the home school experience. Also, the family has zero debt. I find this absolutely amazing. They pay for everything in cash, they dont use credit or debit cards at all. They also buy everything used, from cars to shoes. They make money by renting out commercial lots that they own. I think another reason I really like the show is that they aren't preachy. they are very open and honest that their beliefs are not in line with mainstream America, however they dont chastise anyone for not agreeing with them. They have family that doesnt lead the same type of life they do, but they always welcome them to visit with open arms. I just love seeing a family that is that well adjusted. I highly recommend this show.

From the Foodie in Me

Mashed Taters

This is really a tip more than anything else. I learned how to make simple home style mashed potatoes. I usually add salt, pepper, milk and butter. However on occasion I have found myself without milk. I have started adding different things into the potatoes. I have learned you can add just about any other dairy product and your potatoes will still be delicious. Sour cream works well, as well as creamer, and condensed milk. Don't ever thing because you're missing an ingredient you cant make what you want. A substitution here or there makes for a new take on an old favorite.

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  1. I don't know the names of the shops, but the last time I was in Boston I went to two secondhand/consignment shops. They both had lots of consigned items, but also had new with tag items from boutiques (last season, etc). The prices were GREAT! I picked up a really fun Milly coat with a $650 price tag for $90 and a Tibi dress NWT for $60! Boston is known for incredible thrift shops like this! So try to look some up online before your trip! :)