Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blondes vs. Brunettes

Blondes vs. Brunettes

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Kristen inviting me to be a part of the DC area Blondes vs. Brunettes Powder Puff Football game. I was interested, but it's a somewhat of a time commitment. In the end I decided to do it. My sorority commitments mostly end (Rush is over) mid September, so after that things should calm down.
All the proceeds I raise will go to Alzheimer's research and prevention. You can read more about the charity here:


To make a secure donation please visit my donation site:


Also, if you read my blog and have a blog yourself I would appreciate people directed in this direction. Alzheimer's is an awful disease. My grandmother was diagnosed with it. She passed away in 2005. All the money I raise is in her memory.

If you can't make a donation now, I am raising money thru game day: November 14th, 2009.
I would also love to see people out there on game day cheering on team brunette!

Fundraising Ideas

I'm still brainstorming some ideas for fundraisers for Blondes vs Brunettes (BvB). So far my ideas are a garage sale, a car wash, and a happy hour fundraiser. I'm open to suggestions of other ways to raise money and tips that anyone out there has from putting on their own events.

From the Foodie in Me

Cantina Mexicana
So far I have had food from just about every Mexican/ Tex-mex place in Arlington. I usually find that they are mediocre at best. I used to eat at El Paso cafe (which is where President Bush ate Mexican food). This place is better. The first sign of good Mexican is the salsa. Good salsa is more than just blended tomatoes and peppers. You have to add spices. Garlic and cumin are staples in a good salsa. This place lived up to the salsa test. I ordered the Monterrey plate. My dining companion had a chimichanga. The Monterrey came with 2 tostadas, one with melted cheese, the other guacamole. Also I had 2 cheese enchiladas, one tamale, and a taco. The tamale and the taco left something to be desired but the enchiladas were covered in a great red sauce. The guacamole was freshly made, and the queso was superb. My dining companion (Steve-o) was equally impressed with his meal. His chimichanga (like a burrito, but deep fried, and no veggies) was served with shredded braised beef. He was a fan. The prices are reasonable as well. If youre in the mood for good Tex Mex this is the place to be.


I haven't had the chance to do a lot of reading as of late because of the move. I did however get the chance to see G I Joe. Wow, just wow. This was a horribly, awful movie. HOWEVER, it was an entertaining sort of bad. Kind of like Fast and Furious. Tamsin and I chatted thru the entire movie. I laughed at parts that I shouldnt have laughed at, but I couldnt help myself it was that bad. I think were they messed up, is they tried to have a plot. It should have just been a lot of special effect, CGI, high speed car chases, and blowing things up. Basically I think Michael Bay needed to be the director on this film. Less talky more boom!

Weird Personal Thought of the Day

If I could be friends with any celebrity in Hollywood, like legit friends, I would choose Drew Barrymore. She just seems like she's fun and down to earth. She dates guys that no one else in Hollywood would date (Justin Long, Tom Green). She drinks, smokes, and makes out in public. She's my kinda girl.

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