Monday, August 17, 2009

I Washed My Hair with Shampoo this Morning

it's noteworthy because I havent done that in 3 days. I've been using bar soap, and body wash. I packed the shampoo and I still havent been able to locate it. I ended up buying a new bottle at safeway last night about 10pm.

The New House

I like the new place. It's starting to really feel like home now that I have put up some pictures and hangings on the wall. I think I will like living in a house. Next project: vegetable garden.

Weird Personal Fact

It's weird, but one of the things that I have had the most issues dealing with in the new house is the furniture. My roommates have nice pieces of furniture, but living with roommates creates for a modgepodge of random stuff. None of the woods in the living room match. It's crazy that I even care. But I really do. I need to get over it, and I'm making strides in this area. Woods, do not have to match.

From the Foodie in Me

I went to two AWESOME restaurants this weekend. I needed some time away from packing, moving, and unpacking, so I went out to eat on both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Saturday night I went to eat with Sarah. We decided on pizza. She told me about a great pizza place in Crystal City. It's on 23rd street in the strip of restaurants, Cafe Pizzaiolo.
This place is a real family type place. They have a table of board games for you to entertain yourself, or for you to entertain your children.

We choose to make our own pizza. We had mushrooms, artichokes, fresh tomato, spinach, and prosciutto. It was AWESOME. We chose the thin crust (it's my favorite) and it was just the right topping to crust ratio. All the toppings tasted really fresh off the vine. Next time you want pizza, try this place.

Tomorrow: Sunday's meal.

Day Laborers

I took last Friday off to move. My master plan was to move all the boxes and have only furniture to move on Saturday when people came to help. Well, I got the first set of boxes over to the new house and I was exhausted. I have an insane amount of stuff. I knew there was no way I could get this all done without killing myself. I made a change of plans. I rented a pickup truck, and headed to home depot. It was one of the weirdest things I have done in my life.

First of all all these men are standing on the corner, not unlike hookers. You drive up to them and roll down your window. You give them a price. You negotiate a bit, and describe what you want in detail. You get one or two guys, depending on your needs. You then drive them to your home and they do all the work. I spent $60, and was completely satisfied...
I just described buying a hooker/ day laborer.

Another "fun" part of this whole experience was the fact that these guys didnt speak English. I used to speak Spanish much better than I do now. I lived in Texas, you pretty much needed to know Spanish to survive there. In DC that isn't the case. We did okay, but I kept forgetting words that were simple Spanish 101 type words. After about hours 2 I started to do a bit better, and it started coming back to me a bit. Luckily, I could still understand everything they said. If you hire a day laborer I suggest you take someone who speak Spanish with you.

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