Friday, August 21, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?!

I'm so excited that I got to watch my preseason game that I am posting during non work hours.
The Cowboys are facing the Titans tonight. A few things to comment on:

Jon Kitna- I'm fairly excited about this. After Romo broke his finger last year and we lost the games that he was out, I'm excited to know we got rid of Johnson and brought on a better QB. The guy is decent. Definitely better than what we had as a second string.

Receivers - I was really sad to see TO go. I really was. If nothing else, the guy is pure entertainment. Anyone else watching the TO show? It's f-ing awesome. The guy is actually fairly educated for someone that isn't a QB. If there is one thing I have learned from my years of football watching is that there is a reason the QB's are the only ones to give interviews...*cough cough Emmit smith cough cough**. We have Witten, who is a solid player, but he isn't a WR. I'm really excited to see Williams play. It's his first full year as a cowboy, I expect great things from him. He's a Cowboys fan, and from Texas, he needs to do the home state proud.

The Opponent- I love the Dallas Cowboys. I will always be a Cowboys fan, thru and thru. However, I like Vince Young. I know he's second string. I know the Titans had a 13-3 season with Collins as their QB... I don't car. I love Vince Young. He'll always be the guy who single handedly won the national championship to me.

Great Lines from the Game:

Jerry Jones is like the Fiddy Cents of football.

(Call made by official): Offsides: Everyone except the center.

It's a do-over, like you would have in street game. - Troy Aikman or Joe Buck (couldnt tell which)

I'm close enough (to the cheerleaders) to tell which are innies and which are outties -Fox sportscaster

The Stadium: It's completely P-I-M-P. Seriously, have you seen this thing? It's insane!! The largest screen in the world (High def, of course). The screen alone cost 40 million dollars. The ceiling is retractable. The place seats 80K with room for 100K. The team has to run thru screaming fans before they enter the field. Jerry Jones may be the new axis of evil, but I just don't care. The man knows business.

I'm really excited for this years team...

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