Friday, June 25, 2010

Snowcones! (I found them!)

I heart snow cones, like a lot. In Dallas there is a wonderful snow cone stand I grew up with called "Aunt Stelle's". It was only open in the summer and they have the most wonderful snow cones I have ever had (or maybe that's fond childhood memories talking?).

When I moved to New Orleans I learned they didn't call them snow cones, they called them snow balls. Crazy New Orleanians. But I had a place there, a tiny little shop called "Plum Street Snow Balls".

Now that I live in Virginia it is nearly impossible to find a snow cone. They sell the pre-made manufactured ones on the mall, but it isn't the same. I wanted a fresh snow cone.
A few weeks ago I was driving on Columbia Pike, and I saw someone with a snow cone! I almost stopped my car to ask them where they got it. I knew that in the parking lot of Food Star existed a lot of food carts. Yesterday I decided to check these carts out to see if one of them held the elusive snow cone...


I got banana and strawberry. The woman who ran the stand only spoke Spanish, but she was very nice and there is a nice little English to Spanish chart for the flavors. I wanted to take a picture of her cart, but she got very nervous about me taking pics, so I stopped.

Once I started eating my snow cone I got another surprise, all her syrups are homemade! You get actual pulp from the fruits you're eating! Cost was $3 but totally worth it.
The snow cone stand is on the corner of George Mason and Columbia Pike, in the Food Star parking lot.

Love, Tina Marie

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