Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Framed Art

If you're a 20something like me you know that decorating your apartment/home is no easy feat. Putting things on the wall that are a step above the posters you had in college is definately something to invest in. The problem is that art can get very expensive, very quickly. When you have several walls to decorate, it becomes a challenge.

I really enjoy black and white prints. They are often cheaper than buying paintings, and still bring that "adult" feel to your home. Still, at $5-50 each, they too can add up. This is where you can easily Do It Yourself (DIY). DIY projects are fun and cheap.

For this project I visted my local bookshop. I found a book of children's nursery rhymes, that had been illustrated with black and white watercolors. I used the razor from my papercutter to evenly cutout pages from the books.

---And yes, I know I am going to get a lot of flack for cutting up books. Trust me, I had my qualms about it as well---

I chose 5 different prints. I, luckily, have many many picture frames with mats from other various projects. I got most of these frames for under $5 each. Another option would be to use only mats. They are much cheaper and still give a finished look.

I always also try to come up with an interesting way to position the pictures. Doing prints all in a row can get boring. Always remember, when hanging pictures, it's best to use odd numbers. Odd numbers give a sense of balance (yay high school art class coming in handy).

Here you can see the finsihed product hanging above my bed. On the right you can see a solitary frame. In this frame is the first page of the story "Cinderella". It's from a different (color) children's fairy tale book. On the other side of the window (not pictured) is the picture of Cinderella from the book.

I hope this inspired you to go out and do some framing of your own!

Love, Tina Marie

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