Monday, June 14, 2010

Columbus Ain't so Bad

This past weekend I "road tripped" to Columbus, Ohio to meet up with my friend Mike. We had a blast. We visited German Village, saw THE Ohio State University, grilled out, watched the US world cup game, went to a farmers market, and saw the replica of the Santa Maria. I learned 2 things.
1. I will NEVER drive west from DC again. It was the most BORING drive ever.
2. Columbus is a pretty cool place. There is a decent nightlife, and enough touristy things to do so that we kept busy for a weekend.

Droid Montage as my real camera died a watery death...

Pics aboard the Santa Maria:

Christopher Columbus... Hey, that's who the city is named after!

Bottom part of the ship...Galley? I'm so not a sailor...

The living quarters.

Me and Mike! You can't tell but we are totally on the ship...

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492...

Hey! That's me!

Mike is a pirate! Arrrr...

Pics at THE Ohio State University:

We wandered up some random stairwell at the stadium and I snapped the shot above.
This is the main entrance to the stadium

All around the athletic fields/centers they had these egg/pod like sculptures. They were indentations of people doing various exercises. This is Mike doing a squat.

It was graduation weekend at THE Ohio State. They had an open house on the field and let us go up to the suites... UT's suites are better.

THE Ohio State University Football field.

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