Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Health and Beauty... Guys May Just Want to Skip This Post...

I never thought of myself as one of "those girls". You know the ones. You look into their shower and you see all these crazy products. I was always a shampoo and soap kinda girl (I don't even condition my hair). This morning I counted the bottles in my shower... 15. That's right I have 15 bottles of stuff in my shower. When did this happen? I live alone! This is complete madness. Sigh, I'm totally one of "those girls".

Make-Up Remover

So now that I have started to wear makeup I knew I needed to buy some kind of makeup remover. I was using the ponds pads. They are great, but they are also pricey. It's something like $4 for 20 pads. The pads are the size of a coaster... maybe a little smaller. I knew this wasn't going to cut it. Yesterday I went to Target in search of a more affordable solution. I found it. Baby wipes. I have already been using wet ones/ baby wipes for ages. I keep them in my purse in the travel size pack. They come in super handy. I also keep a pack in my car. I always pick them up at the register at target for $1. I figure you cant beat that. 12 wipes come in a pack.
Well yesterday I learned I was totally being ripped off. I got 88 wipes for $2! They are the target brand wipes. I can't believe I've been overpaying all this time! I'm so glad I really looked into this. Now I have a great makeup remover at a low cost.

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