Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inspired by Annie...

Here is my list of activities for Saturday:

Went to Annie's to return painted edger.
Went to Eastern Market and purchased fresh produce.
- Had to drive thru Cherry Blossom mayhem to get there.
Went to brunch with Tamsin, Sean, and Natalie.
Went to Home Depot to buy my own paint edger.
Went to Shoppers to grocery shop.
Went to Michael's to but things I didnt need.
Went to Ross to buy a white table cloth.
Went to a different Ross to buy a white table cloth.
Went to Sears... still looking for the white table cloth.
Went to Marshalls ... still looking for that white table cloth.
Came home changed all my winter clothes out for my summer clothes.
- hung clothes, rearranged closet.
Went to Prasad's house to set up for his surprise party.
- decorated
Went to Steveo's for Jenna's engagement party.
Wrote this blog post.


All that and all I could find in the way of table cloths was off white... so we shall see how that works out.

Picking up Deidre
Sarahs house for set up
Easter Dinner

What a full weekend!!

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