Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Landlord Hell

I'm in landlord hell. I moved into a great house in Ballston about 2 months ago. It's a cute place, and I have great roommates. It's a bit of an older house, which I like. After living in New Orleans for 4 years I have come to realize that I like houses with a little more character than your standard mcmansion. This however is the first time I've ever had problems with a landlord. I consider myself extremely lucky. Right now our air conditioning/heating system has been broken for over a month. It desperately needs to be replaced but the owners aren't letting the management company replace it. I've been pestering them for the last month (especially after the 2 freezing cold days we had) to fix it. They still haven't. Next I threaten legal action.

From the Foodie in Me

A few months ago I applied for a teaching job as a cook at the Arlington Learning Center. No one ever called me back, so I figured nothing ever came of it. Yesterday I got a call and they want me to come in and interview tomorrow for a position. I'm really excited about this. First of all the extra cash would be nice, second of all I think teaching cooking would be a lot of fun. The classes I suggested are "Mexican Cooking" (duh) and "Southern Comfort Foods".
I think I'll take a few suggestions with me on some recipes I'd teach. Any suggestions from those of you who have tasted my food before? Please let me know!

Learning Code

I went to a crazy awesome high school. It was a private prep school. I swear I learned more useful skills there than I did in college. One of the classes I took was "Webmastering". I learned how to make my own website and write HTML. Unfortunately I didn't keep up with those skills in college and 10 years have passed since I took that class. As many of you know I'm not exactly thrilled with my current job so I'm always looking for ways for my resume to stand out in this tough job market. I think writing code is a great thing to put on there so I started taking this online DIY tutorial for writing code. I'm on like lesson 10 of 100 or something, but I'm still really excited. Not only can I add this to my resume but I'm also building a website where I can sell the items I've formerly been putting on ETSY. Stay tuned in for more about that later.

From the Foodie in Me, Again

I went apple picking with Bill and Lydia this weekend. I have a bag full of apples, aside from your basic pie, I'm looking for apple recipes. Let me know if you have a good one!

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  1. It took almost a year to get our landlord to fix our AC/Heat. That's why I stayed at the blue house for so long.