Monday, October 12, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

The Cindi Lauper song is completely true. I had a lot of fun this weekend, old school style.FridayFrank was gone for the weekend. He was bachelor party-ing it up in Montreal so I went over to Annie's after work and basically stayed the whole weekend. We made apple pie:

On Saturday we did a little shopping. I needed a dress to wear to the Crosby/Dziok wedding. I found a KICKASS dress at Marshall's for $20! I think it will also be my dress for Christmas parties. I am poor right now so I have to abstain from buying new shoes, but nonetheless I'm really excited as I haven't had a new dress in forever.

After that Annie and I took a long walk with Hamilton and and when we got back I started preparing a dish for Sarah's pumpkin potluck. I'm in no way a pumpkin enthusiast. I don't even like pumpkin pie. I went in feeling a little trepidation, however, I ended up LOVING a lot of the stuff there. My favorite dish of the evening was Sarah's pumpkin soup. It was amazing. Super savory with tons of spices. Two thumbs up

When I got back to Annie's after the potluck we began a girls sleepover, middle school booze. We drank, watched TV and played games. It was a lot of fun. Annie also had the brilliant idea that we all clean out our closets and have a clothing swap! We made her office a store and had a blast. All the remaining clothing we donated to Goodwill. This is a great thing to do with your friends. It forces you to clean out your closet, you make a tax deductible donation and you walk away with a few new items of clothing that you didn't have to pay for!
Pics of our store that I lifted from Annie's blog:

On Sunday we made a trip to Dunkin donuts for breakfast. After that Annie and I headed to C-grill to watch football.
All in all a great weekend!
Weird Personal Fact of the Day
Annie thinks I have too many weird quirks. I think her face has too many weird quirks.
Also, I hate when people don't pull their socks up all the way and there is extra sock material at their toes, then they put on their shoes... ** shudder** seriously, hate it.
From the Foodie in Me
My friend Sarah had a pumpkin themed potluck party on Saturday night. I think the best dish of the night, by far, was her pumpkin soup. (And I'm not just saying that cause she reads my blog, I'm the kind of friend who is brutally honest.)
She lifted the recipe from Food Network. In all it's glory, plus her added tips!
notes:i roasted pumpkin first, just cut in half. took lid off to make halfing easier) cut side down in cookiesheet with some water. scoop out seeds for roasting or trashing. i did three of the pie sized pumpkins for the double recipe as it was a vague measurement. i think 350 for 2 hours. but many places give times.. and some cooking will happen on stove.. really just makes scooping flesh easier.
also, i would pull out bay leaves and maybe twiggy herbs (but leave leaves from twigs) before immersian blending. (you can blend soup in a reg blender-- but from my experience only a little at a time, and leave air hole open.. lest you want soup on your walls.)
i obv used the high end of meat 2 lb and wine (gives a range) and did half mild sausage and half sweet chicken sausage.
and black pepper worked fine.
Tweeting and Football
I am a huge twitter fan, but during the week I just don't have the time to send out many updates. I make up for this during the weekend watching football. I tweet like a madwoman, it's like being in the same room with me (according to a few friends).
This was from 2 weeks ago all mostly tweeted in the last 2 minutes of the game. Dallas, needless to say, lost to Denver. :
1. Home for the second half. We've always been a second half team. Go Dallas!
2. First down! Love the turnovers when they aren't made by Romo.
3. F-ing A. I jinxed it.
4. Son of a bitch.
5. F-ing... son of a... shit.
6. That's your fault romo. That should have made 10, not 17. Try not to throw picks and we won't have this problem.
7. Heart attack city.
8. Losing my shit
9. They are trying to kill me
10. Fuck
11. Pissed.
12. FWebb @tinacordova you practically simulate the live "watching-a-cowboys-loss-with-Tina" experience over Twitter. Nice.
13. CIRAME like I was there RT @FWebb: @tinacordova U practically simulate the live "watching-a-cowboys-loss-with-Tina" experience ovr twttr. Nice.
14. hollyjackson So true! RT @FWebb: @tinacordova you practically simulate the live "watching-a-cowboys-loss-with-Tina" experience over Twitter. Nice.
This was from yesterday. Dallas was losing and it was tied, ended up going into overtime with both teams having posession of the ball twice. Dallas ended up winning, but my phone actually died in the first quarter, otherwise there would have been many more tweets.
1. Watching the game live from c-grill. Come join me!
2. Enjoying the state of Texas on KC helmets. They used to be thr Dallas Texans. Woo throwback jerseys.
3. You've got to be fucking kidding me. Fumbling a punt? Be prepared for foul mouthed tina. She comes out when the cowboys are sucking.
4. Dallas is trying to kill me. they're succeeding.
5. Flozell I'd twisting the knife.
6. Kansas city isn't winning cause theryre good. Kc is winning cause dallas special teams can't get their shit together.
7.Sacks and defense. That's what I'm talking about.
8.Go for it!!!! Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
9. On the board. Missing TO
10.FWebb @tinacordova classic! Love me some angry-cowboys-losing Tina Tweets. KC isn't good, but word is getting out: Dallas isn't either.

11.@FWebb your face isn't good
12. my phone died after my last tweet which is why the cowboys commentary stopped. Probably for the best as I was about to have a heart attack.
Basically what I'm saying is I really love my football. The Texan in me always makes me a bit nuts during football season. I blame my parents who are both more diehard than I am.
I'm also saying you should follow me on twitter!
@tinacordova !!!
Quest to Loose 10 Pounds
So in no way do I want to make this a weight loss blog, but let's just say I can stand to loose a few pounds. My immediate goal is 10 pounds by a November 6th wedding.
However if you are interested in a a weight loss blog you should read:
It's my friend Theo's quest to shed her weight. It's super inspiring and entertaining.
Today: banana breakfast, progresso lunch, grilled chicken dinner. Running after work.

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