Monday, June 10, 2013

Best Layover Ever

I still haven't blogged about all the 30B430 things I managed to accomplish. This post is about number four:

Dip my toes in the pacific ocean.

After my fabulous birthday in Vegas (more on that later) I had to fly back to DC using the most roundabout flights possible, my layover was in Long Beach, California. While some people would have been livid at the idea of going the opposite direction in order to reach their final destination I saw it as an opportunity.
Sarah booked the same flights I booked and I told her we were using our 5 hour layover to leave the airport and head to the beach.

It was INSANELY windy that day, but it's never too windy for a selfie. 

After our jaunt on the beach we headed to Chronic Tacos for some good eats, and they did not disappoint.
Our server even told us that there was a bus to get back to tthe airport just a few blocks away. Which was way better than another $25 cab ride.

And that is the story of the first time I ever saw the Pacific Ocean.

Best. Layover. Ever.


Tina Marie

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